Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smith Edward / Attorney in Spain and in his dreams

Originating IP:, France

Dear friend,

Thanks for your response to my mail. Regarding my business proposal, I do understand that you may be skeptic and surprise about my mail but in due time, you and I will benefit from this business transaction. Like I explained to you in my previous mail, I got your email address while I was searching for an individual that is trustworthy for this transaction. And I’m very convinced that I’m dealing with someone that will not betray my confidence once he receives the fund in his account.

Now, let me explain this a little further to you so you will have a better understanding of what situation we have here and what exactly we want to do. The procedure to follow in actualizing this transaction includes an official presentation of you to the bank by me as the beneficiary to my late client’s fund. I will obtain the primary legal document for this presentation which is an affidavit of inheritance from the justice ministry and a letter of administration. I will send copies of these documents to you when they are obtained. I already have my late client’s Death Certificate and original copy of his Deposit Certificate which I will send to you once the bank demand for the proof that you are the beneficiary to the fund.

I want to assured you that this business is absolutely legal and risk-free and it shall follow Legal procedures in confirmation with Spanish Law. Sincerely speaking, I am willing to do this business ONLY with you and I demand your total Honesty, Faithfulness and Confidentiality regarding all matters in the transaction.

I Have confidence in you, and I am assuring you a smooth success in this transaction once you follow my instructions religiously and always reply my emails promptly. Note that all documents relating to the ownership of this Fund shall be diligently prepared to convince the bank that you are the beneficiary to the fund. As an Attorney, I have perfected plans on how this will be a success. Once the documents are presented to the bank, they will have no other option than to transfer the fund into any account that you are going to provide to them. I am sure the bank will not ask you any question concerning your relationship with the late depositor rather they will demand for the proof to show that you are the beneficiary to the fund which we are going to provide to them. Once the bank contacts you, I will be guiding you with information you will need to ensure a successful release of this fund because you will be dealing with the bank directly when they receive the documents.

Therefore to enable me commence the process of obtaining the required documents, you are going to provide me the following;

1) Direct mobile line and Fax number since we will need to have a constant communication during the entire process.

2) An identification card (International passport or driving license) which I will use to obtain an affidavit in the court.

In your reply to this email, I will like you to tell me a little about yourself since a transaction of this magnitude will require some knowledge of the type of person I’m dealing. My utmost intention is that once the Funds is transferred and confirmed in your bank account, I will come over to meet you in your country for the disbursement. I believe in your Confidentiality/Faithfulness, and I assure you that everything must work out successful.

Be rest assured that this transaction will be 100% successful once you follow my advice and always update me in every communication you will have with the bank for better understanding and advice.

In case you want to reach me on phone for further question, kindly call me with this number; 0034-672-561-403.

Thanks for your understanding and good cooperation as I expect your urgent response.

Yours Faithfully

Smith Edward


Hellow,am Mr Smith Edward an attorney in spain,i got your contact mail on my computer when i was searching on a trustworthy person to let him know about this am about leting you know now,i have a client from america U.S.A,he was living in spain for 10th years and he had no children,and i do handle his flies and some other documents,but he died on they 31th of april 2010,and he got a huge amount of money which is about $8million dollars here in my country,and since he died no one has come and cliam they money is his next of kin,so i have had a few words with they banker and he agreesif we can beable to get someone from thesame country with,my client mr larry Ziegler,he will help to make sure that they fund is being transfer to they persons account in U.S.A,BUT WE MUST HAVE AN AGREEMENT ON BASETHAT WE WILL HAVE 50% OF THEY TOTAL MONEY TRANSFER AND THEY REST WILL BE TRANSFER TO THEY PRSONS ACCOUNT DETAILS WHICH HE WILL SENT TO US,KINDLY GET BACK TO ME ON THIS ISSUE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED,

pls note that i need this to be between me and you and they banker.

yours sincerely.
smith Edward(Esq

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