Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bank Kansas State (Benin, Africa Branch???)

X-Originating-IP: [] BENINTELECOMS, Benin
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2011 14:43:40 +0200
Subject: Mr. Innocent Williams
From: Bank Kansas State
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Days of service:
Monday: 8:00a.m. – 6:30pm.
Tuesday: 8:00a.m. – 6:30pm.
Wednesday: 8:00a.m. – 6:30pm.
Thursday: 8:00a.m. – 6:30pm.
Friday: 8:00a.m. – 6:30pm.
Saturday: 8:00a.m. – 6:30pm.
Address: Office of the State Bank Commissioner,
00 SW Jackson Street, Suite 300 Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A.

Dear Customer,

wire transfer or credit transfer is a method of Electronic funds
transfer from one person or institution (entity) to another.
A wire transfer can be made from one bank account to another bank
account or through a transfer of cash at a cash office.
Wire transfer systems are intended to provide more individualized
transactions than bulk payment systems such as ACH and

Different wire transfer systems and operators provide a variety of
options relative to the immediacy and finality of
settlement and the cost, value, Bank-to-bank wire transfer is
considered the safest international payment method.[by whom]
Each account holder must have a proven identity. Chargeback is
unlikely, although wires can be recalled. Information
contained in wires is transmitted securely through encrypted
communications methods. The price of bank wire transfers varies
greatly, depending on the bank and its location; in some countries,
he fee associated with the service can be costly.

In the United States wire transfers are costly and seldom if ever used
by consumers. As an example of the cost, Bank of
America as of February 2010 charged more than $150 to send a wire and
20 to receive one within the US. For international
transfer, it charged $300–$450 outgoing, $16 incoming. However, fees
may vary from bank to bank.

In the United States, domestic wire transfers are governed by Federal
regulation and by article 4A of the Uniform Commercial
Code. After the meet hold today on your behalf the bank managements
decided to offer you a special bonus in other to help you
receive your long await funds that has been with our custody since
last week. Instead of paying $240 for the transferring fee
of your funds however it has now been reduce to $120 only. Furthermore
he key to low cost is the exchange rate offered. When
one transfers funds, one is selling one currency and buying another.
currency dealers mark up the exchange rate by adding a
spread: this is the difference between the price at which one can sell
one's primary currency and what ones has to pay to buy
the delivery currency.

You are now advice to proceed to the nearest Western Union office
round you and wire the $120 fee immediately to enable us
bank wire your funds to your nomination account. Am sorry we cannot
give you the bank account info to wire the fee due to our
previous experience with individuals needing our bank data to remit
our sending charges to us but however he stool over
$100,000 from the account, so as a result of this we don’t easily giveb
but our bank accountant information to everybody. One
of the largest companies that offer wire transfer is Western Union,
which allows individuals to transfer or receive money
without an account with Western Union or any financial institution.
concern and controversy about Western Union transfers
have increased in recent years, because of the increased monitoring of
money-laundering transactions, as well as concern
about terrorist groups using the service, particularly in the wake of
he September 11, 2001 attacks. Although Western Union
keeps information about senders and receivers, some transactions can
be done essentially anonymously.

It will take us 24 hours to remit your funds to you upon the
confirmation of the requested $120 wiring transferring fee, We
have been waiting for your call all day but haven’t heard nor hear
from you, any attempt to call me today if you didn’t reach
me then trying calling tomorrow OK. Send the transfer fee to the
recipient name of our employed accountant officer as listed
below OK:

Receivers Name: ====. Mrs. Denise A. Weber
Country: ====United State.
State: ====Kansas.
City: ====Hutchinson.
Test Question: =====What City?
Answer: =======Hutchinson.
Amount: ======$120.00 U.S.D.
Sender’s name: ====?
MTCN ====?

Most international transfers are executed through SWIFT, a
co-operative society founded in 1974 by seven international banks,
which operate a global network to facilitate the transfer of financial
messages. Using these messages, banks can exchange
data for the transfer of funds between financial institutions. The
society also acts as a United Nations–sanctioned
international standards body for the creation and maintenance of
financial-messaging standards.

Reply back ASAP.
ours Sincerely
Mr. Innocent Williams
Tel : 316 243 5619.

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