Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bishop Visel M. Chopra Fiduciary Claims Agent {UK}. Australian Lottery Inc

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Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 14:26:38 -0700

Australian Lottery Claims

Dear Winner,

CONGRATS ON YOUR $2000.000 million dollar winning prize.
Thank you for your mail return, we are in accordance with your details.
We are in the United Kingdom, Please be inform that any email correspondence you are involved in regarding money transfer or
on-line lottery winnings from over sea is to be handled in person by your GOOD SELF and no other third party.

Your Lottery Funds has been put into receivership to be received in person by you and nobody else,keep winning as a secrete from PUBLIC hearing. Since there are serious Global financial difficulty due to world wide credit situation and blatant incompetence on many lottery organization part. We are no longer in any honest or trustworthy position to deal with your claim via any how Risky means of payment.

The Australian Lottery solvency agency Australia/United Kingdom has handed over all responsibility for this matter to
SerVo RISK FREE TRANSFER INC® in associate with secure mtcn Yorkshire United Kingdom.

It is important for our records and the smooth completion of this claim that henceforth you cease all further communication with anyone on this winning notice and only reply to my one mail address. Any replies you get from anyone concerning lottery or monetary matters are only computer generated or sent by crooked penile ex member of staff and are not to be taken as fact. Furthermore you are hereby instructed that you should also stop any phone contact as they are not in charge of your lottery matter. Do not make or receive any phone call from any one from this day forth.In fact their email account have been taken over by internet hacker and spammer.

They are nothing more than useless jobless imbecile and we are at present using all legal means to bring them to swift justice.Anything they say to you by phone or mail from now on is total pack of lie. Keep our solvency involvement secret as they will try to derail your progress with your Lottery transfer by any means.

1.You will be sent a $5000 Australian Dollars via Western Union Transfer so that you could use that to process your self and fly down over here to collect and claim your lottery FUND in person as a well established proper and legal means with us.

2: If you refuse or find it hard to fly down to UNITED KINGDOM "Yorkshire" to claim prize in person, we could automatically process and send your winning feltching papers with your $2.000.000 Dollars International Bank Check written in your Name to your country via PARCEL2GO COURIER SERVICE in which you would only have to take to your Bank and withing 1-2 days it would be cleared and your money would be cashed to you by your bank.

3: Kindly let me know your Decision for your collection of payment as we await to update record of paid out winners, thank you.

Kindly let me know if you chose option 1 or 2 payment process?
100% risk free completion of your lottery transaction is our highest priority.

Waiting on your decision reply via swift call me on +447024032080
You must scan and E-mail any means of IDENTIFICATION TO ME!!

God has blessed you!!
God has blessed you!!

Best Regards,
Bishop Visel M. Chopra
Fiduciary Claims Agent {UK}.
Australian Lottery Inc

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