Monday, August 8, 2011

Judith Alexander

"Judith Alexander"
Monday, August 8, 2011 8:09 PM


How are you today? Are you alright? I hope this mail will meet you in good health.

Last time you received news from me was when I directed you to contact the Trust Company. Immediately after that, I was rushed to the doctor for breathing problem. I could not sleep properly and would wake up every 40 minutes to avoid suffocation. This took me to the emergency surgery with the hope that they could suck a new cyst, mass, edema, obsess and even a new growth on the site of radiated carcinoma. A big mass in 25 days since radiotherapy was completed.

The so called cyst had hardened and no needle could suck it out. The solution would be tracheotomy which my physical condition had precluded already when I had not yet undergone the horrible processes and side effects of the radiotherapy, this cyst or edema or whatever it is being one of them.

At hospital, I used oxygen and they administered all kind of medications until I could take 2 times 1- 1.5 hours after nearly for several nights. The situation has remained that way and has not abated... I used the medicine they had given me but the result was not satisfactory. This means that as soon as I get to sleep the mass will roll forth and close my airway, a little better when I am standing. But as the mass is growing, I am threatened with suffocation any night, unless they do something to eliminate the cyst or mass or... without using knife and bleeding; this is a matter of any close future night.

This is my current situation and I just felt it is good to let you know about it.

I was in contact with the Trust Company and was told that you have not contacted them. Please contact them via email with this email address or phone number 00 27 78 499 3479 / +277 84993479. The name of the contact person once again is Mr. Anthony V. Maxim. I plead with you to contact them without any further waste of time and get back to me accordingly. However, if for any reason you are no longer interested in proceeding, you should let me know so that I can look for an alternative person to work with me.

Get back to me as you receive this mail to enable me know if I am to still rely on you as a partner or not. Remain blessed.

With lots of love,


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  1. Judith Alexander

    Jul 24 (5 days ago)

    to me

    My Dear friend,

    Thanks for your mail and your concern. I hope my first e-mail did not embarrass you? If it did, I apologize for this. I am a 59 years old woman from Salzburg, Austria. I am a new Christian convert suffering from long time cancer of the breast. My personal physician told me that I may not live for more than six months. My late husband and son were killed during the Gulf war. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his business and wealth. I am willing to donate the sum of Eighteen Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($18.5Million) to the motherless baby's homes, needy poor, charity homes and widows too. I want you to assist me in making this my last wish realistic.

    It is for this same reason I have randomly searched through the internet email directory to find somebody who has the predisposition to accomplish the task of passing on a privately kept fund of this sum to charitable organizations as he or she deems fit, since I cannot do this myself due to my failing health. It was this random search that yielded your contact email address with which I sent you my first email. Note that this was just a probing move to establish contact, because I am sure you know as well as I do that most people would snatch at the offer considering the large amount involved and more also since the disbursement of this fund would be entirely in the hands of the claimant. For this reason I felt that after our initial e-mail communication I should be able to determine if we can proceed based on certain indices as well as intuitive feeling I would deduce.

    The fund in question is privately kept and I wanted to put it in capable hands for disbursement. Other such funds that I left to my relatives to disburse to charity were all plundered and used for their personal purposes. for this reason I have decided that within the confines of my hospital room and the privacy of my computer (to which I have internet connection) to look for a suitable person to transfer ownership of the deposit to, and after claiming the money, disburse 90% of the total fund to various charitable organizations of your choice in various countries and then retain 10% of the money for your effort. The money is in physical cash in $100 and $50 dollar bills packed inside two metallic trunk boxes deposited in the security vault of a private finance/security company in South Africa. This is not a business proposal and I do not expect any returns or share of the money. I am dying and I have distributed most of my earthly possessions to various individuals, groups and organizations.

    If you would be able to help me fulfill this last living request, I would be very grateful even at my grave. Please get back to me on the following.

    1) That you are in a position to be trusted with such a large amount of fund, and that you have a heart for charity.

    2) That you would not have any problems locating the right charity and human aid groups to disburse the fund to. It would be nice to know what charities you have in mind to donate the money to.

    3) That you will be Godly enough not to put the funds to your personal use to the detriment of its intended purposes

    4) That you are willing to contact the security company holding the deposit to discuss the terms of releasing the trunk boxes.

    5}.That you are prepared to travel to South Africa (if need be) to personally handle and oversee the release of the funds to you.

    6) That you fully understand this transaction up to this stage and you are ready to proceed under these terms.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible or you can as well finalize with Allied Security Company.

    I wait to hear from you,

    Ms. Judith Alexander


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