Monday, August 1, 2011

George Thomas, Managing Partner, Offshore Consultancy Services

Mon, 01 Aug 2011 10:06:44 +0000
From: "Offshore Services"

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your expedient response to my business proposition.

In response to your email and after advising my client, we are more
committed to work with you. We would be able to cooperate with each
other and attain success. I believe that the establishment of a mutual
TRUST and UNDERSTANDING with each other will be the basis of our
cooperation and I am sure you agree with me.

Furthermore, we will be glad to have your partnership, and I strongly
believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial to us all
and we hope to conclude in the shortest period of time, depending on
your maximum cooperation.

I am the Managing Partner of Offshore Consultant Services, We are
consultant agent and advisers, and we offer professional investment
links, advice and analysis to client in the Middle East and UK. We
also help clients determine where and how to invest funds, and take
advantage of lucrative opportunities at the right time. We have been
appointed by a client to manage and invest the sum of One Billion
American Dollars, but since we only specialize in consultation and
advice services, we have reasoned that it would be appropriate to get
the participation of other business professionals who would act as
field managers of the investment funds, whereas we would be
consultants and advisers.

The investment funds are presently secured in the Middle East; therefore we
have considered transferring the investment funds into your country
and investing the funds in your country. We have considered investing
the funds in fields like Real Estates, Stocks and Capital,
Manufacturing, Information Technology (INFOTECH) Computer Engineering,
Plastic and Insulation Manufacturing, and Sea Food export.

Therefore on these investment fields, we would want to get advice and
suggestions from you as to which of these fields of investment would
be most lucrative in your country to enable us determine which field
to concentrate on. Although our final aim is to invest the funds, we
believe that before the funds can be invested the funds need to be
moved into your country. Therefore, I would want to receive
confirmation of the following from you:

Are you in position to Receive funds from my client
bank to your bank account within your country safely and secure?

2 Are you in position to cooperate with us to invest the funds
according to agreed terms and conditions?

Please provide answers to the questions above to enable us determine
on how to proceed. Also, include your direct personal telephone and
fax numbers in return.

Best regards,

George Thomas
Managing Partner
Offshore Consultancy Services
25 Moorgate Street,
London, EC2R 6AY
United Kingdom
Tel: +44- 792-452-4846
FAX: +44-700-593-1239

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