Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jerad Edward

Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 10:03:41 -0700
From: Jerad Edward jeraddedward@gmail.com


I am Mr. Jerad Edward, the manager foreign surveillance, Union Bank of Nigeria.I am writing based on your outstanding fund left in our bank as the next of kin.I want to use this great opportunity to let you know that i have nothing absolutely against you. But against our colleagues in this bank that were formerly in position to release this payment.I want to let you know that one Mr. Emeka Onwuka and Dr. Mike Williams connived together to forge some documents with their overseas partners in United States to divert your fund. It was our chief security engineer in charge of our computer unit that discovered the telex copy which they used in making the transfer to Union bank in United States.Immediately, the chief security engineer summoned all the board of directors with the proved documents forged by Mr. Emeka Onwuka and Dr. Mike Williams trying to move the fund to a different destination. We also discovered that one Mr. Smith from united states who stood as their partner to receive the fund once wrote a note on your behalf saying that you had a fatal motor accident, stating that at this point you were unable to talk nor write. The young man presented himself to be your cousin with the same e-mail id similar to yours. So when this matter came up before the board of directors, Mr. Emeka Onwuka and Dr.Mike Williams ran away.The board of directors immediately put a stop order to further transfer of the fund. Now,Mr. Emeka Onwuka and his partner are now here to be found.

We are writing you to confirm if you have in any way instructed one Mr. Smith to claim your inherited fund on your behalf. Did you ever have any fatal motor accident? If you did, what is the name of the bank you instructed to receive the payment and the account information of your bank. Please confirm this question to us without further delay as we are still receiving series of reports from our chief engineer in charge of our computer central unit working together with the FBI as well with MTN telecommunications company which is the network Mr.Emeka Onwuka and Dr.Mike Williams and his partner are using.According to our chief security, we learn that Mr.Emeka Onwuka is still contacting you, using series of names to defraud you asking for unnecessary payments that are not in the rules and regulations of the banking system.We want to tell you that Mr.Emeka Onwuka is now here to be found and we can assure you that whatever amount you have lost in his hands, you will recover all, but only make yourself available to work with us.Henceforth, desist yourself from receiving any call either from Africa or overseas as regards to your inherited fund. Any mail you receive forward it to me.Try to get the person's telephone number. Pretend as if you know nothing about their tricks so that they can feel free to tell you all sorts of their trickiness words.

Now, listen and listen very good, your inherited fund is no longer in Nigeria neither in any country in Africa or Europe.Your fund was successfully transferred to New York with a security company. The name of the lady in charge of your fund in the security company is Deborah. The name of the barrister who deposited the fund is barrister Kingsley Ibe along with a diplomat who lifted the consignment. The certificate of deposit is in the position of barrister Kingsley Ibe and the you are the beneficiary whom the consignment will be released to.I have called barrister Kingsley ibe to get in touch with Deborah to work out the clearance paper before your arrival to New York.I will give you the telephone number and address of the security company as soon as i know your position and comment.Please be very very careful. Do not disclose to anyone where your treasure is for security reasons. As soon as the clearance paper is worked out by Mrs. Deborah she will call you to come down to New York and claim your consignment.Presently, barrister Ibe is in London. As soon as you are ready to travel he will meet with you in with New York. the original hard copies that make you the original beneficiary of this fund which Mrs. Anna Gate left with the barrister before she died is in Ibe's position.I believe this woman has chosen you among all the people in this world and approved in her heart that you can use this fund to help the less privileged. I want to assure you that nobody can take what belongs to you and the best we can do is what we have done by ensuring the safety of this fund in United States, your country.

Please confirm your mobile telephone number in your next mail with the answer to the above question needed.

I will leave you here now in faith and hope to write you again in faith.

Thank you.
Jerad Edward
+234-708-112-8823 / +234 7081128823

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