Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams!

Read the Article on Fake Job Scams in the Malaysian Star Newspaper click here Page 1 and Page 2

99% of overseas jobs offered via email are scams!!!!  Assume any emailed job offer is a scam!  Don't give the scammer the benefit of the doubt!

1.  No real company hires you without an in person, personal, face to face interview!  If you are offered a job without a personal interview or after only an email, online, or telephone interview the job offer it is always a scam, and the job is fake!  No real company will ever offer you a job based only on your resume or CV!  No real company ever hires you unless they meet you in person!

2.  No real employer, travel agency, embassy official, diplomat, lawyer, etc, ever uses a free email address, for any reason.  As soon as you see one that tells you it is a scam! Scammers use free email addresses mainly for three scam reasons, it allows them to impersonate a real company, it allows them to "blast" or send out thousands of emails because domains will not let them do this and when there scam websites are removed they still have an email that works.   Some emails are obviously free emails addresses and others are not!  Read Free Email Addresses That Scammers Use.  and Official Looking Free Email Addresses Scammers Use 

3.  No real company ever uses an email address that doesn't have a matching website, in other words, if they say their email address is, if there is not a working website at, it is a scam and there is no job! Read   Free Email Addresses That Scammers Use and

4.  No real company ever requires a new employee to pay any kind of fee whatsoever, for whatever reason even for a work permit or visa and especially not for a deposit to arrange a face to face interview!  As soon as they say you will be responsible for your visa fee, or any other fee, even if they say they will reimburse you, that tells you it is a scam and there is no job! 

5. If the company or agency does not have a website, the website does not work or was recently registered, its a scam and there is no job! Read

6.  No real company ever uses a  UK telephone number that starts with  +44 70 or +44 (0) 70 or  +44 870 or +44 871 or +44843, +44 844 or +44 845!  You see a number like that and that tells you it is a scam and there is no job!  Read Telephone Numbers That Scammers Use. No diplomat, etc. ever requires you to send money for a visa or work permit or other fee using Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank to Bank transfer.  Never ever pay money into an individual's bank account!  No real embassy would ever request that you do that.  When that happens, that tells you it is a scam and there is no job or visa!  Read

8.  All house supervisor, house keeping, house cleaning, nanny jobs, private nurse, domestic worker, etc. jobs asking you to pay for a visa to emigrate to Canada, United States, Australia, UK, UAE, etc. are scams and there is no job!

9.  All hotel job offers asking you to pay for a visa to emigrate to Canada, United States, Australia, UK, UAE, etc. are scams and there is no job!

10. If you sent your identification to a scammer read:

11. Look at the email address of the embassy the scammers give you.  It will almost always be a free email address and that is always a scam!  All the British Commissions and Embassy's end in A simple search tells you that.  Canadian Commissions and Embassy's end in!  Do an internet search for the embassy and look at the email address to see if it matches the one in the job offer!

If anything like this happens, it is a scam and there is no job!  There are no exceptions!

Never ever send your passport or any other identification or document to an "employer." If the job is real, you will be interviewed face to face and then you can show them your passport in person.  A request for a scan of your passport is almost always a scam! If you send a scan of your passport, the scammer can use it to steal your identity or sell it to other scammers! Scams could then be committed in your name and in a worse case scenario, bank accounts or credit lines could be opened, though most times the scammers only asks for the copy of your passport of other identification to make the job look real.

Google is your friend and the scammer's enemy!  You can save your money and time (and other's time) by Googling before you post questions.  Google everything in the email message, email address, telephone number, website, company name to see if someone else posted the email or warning was posted.  Scammers frequently use the same contact information in their scams.  So if you are angry about being scammed or at scammers attempting to scam you or your friends, the quickest way to stop the scam is to publicize it, in other words, post the scam emails to alert other potential victims.  Many of you benefited because someone posted a scam email so that you could see it and avoid the scam.  Help others by doing the same thing!  Even if you know it's a scam, post it anyway, because there are others who don't realize it is a scam!  Many times, I know a scam is going on, and I do a search and see no scam emails.  I finally get one sent to me and I post it, and all of a sudden, many people who had received the scam email earlier, come forward!  They could have posted those scam emails and helped stop the scam!  Send fake job scam emails to me and I will post them so others can be warned and more importantly learn how to identify a fake job scam email!

Please read  this article on identifying a scam email click here (click here) then in addition to things like bad grammar, poor spelling, even poorer punctuation, the use of free email servers, etc. these are some other things that might mean your employment email is a scam.  Remember that the email address of any UK Embassy or High Commision always ends in

In the advanced fee fake job fraud the scam employer is going to create many advance fees you have to pay before you get the job and/or work visa, because there is no job or visa!   All you will do is keep sending in money until you realize you are being scammed so realize it now and save your money!  Scammers advertise scam jobs on many legitimate online job sites who do not realize the jobs are scams so do not trust a job just because you see it on a legitimate job websie!

No real company hires anybody without a personal interview, face to face interview, that means meeting with you in person!   An emailed "written questionnaire" or "over the telephone" interview is always the sign of a scam! No real company "appoints" you to a job based on your resume, CV or work experience without interviewing you face to face!  Scammers come up with many reasons why the job doesn't require a face to face interview, but they are all scams.  The real reason is they are in another country or if you met them you would know the job was a scam.  If they don't personally interview you, face to face, there is no job, its just a scam!   If you don't actually meet or see your new employer there is no job, its just a scam! 

No real job requires any kind of fee, including administrative, visa processing, work permits, certificates, authorizations, "Affidavit of Guarantee", "Letter of Attestation", "Affidavit of Oath" "Affirmation", or other legal or immigration fees.  No real company ever requires you to make a "refundable" deposit before you are interviewed.  No real company says it will reimburse you for expenses!  As soon as you are asked to pay any money for anything, including a visa or work permit, that tells you there is no job, its a scam! 

No real company, government, immigration department, high commissioner, court, solicitor, barristers or attorney or embassy ever uses a free email address such as,,,,!  That includes ones like,,,,,  Scammers use free email addresses because they can easily chose ones that looks like a company's email address and they can remain anonymous.  Click and read: Official Looking Free Email Addresses Scammers Use! and Free Email Addresses That Scammers Use As soon as you see a free email address, anywhere in the email, it is always a scammer, not a real company or agent or government and there is no job, its just a scam!  

No real company sends you to some agent, embassy official, travel agency, diplomat, counselor, barrister, high commissioner, etc. to get a visa or work permit.  No real company or governmental official ever sends you a passport.  Those are always fake.  There is no way to know whose passport it is when you cannot actually see the person.

No real company has a telephone number that begins with +44 70 or +44 (0) 70 or  +44 870 or +44 871 or +44843, +44 844 or +44 845.  There is no job, its just a scam!  These  numbers are forwarded to another location so scammers use them to pretend to be in the United Kingdom when they are really using a cell phone in Nigeria! Read Telephone Numbers That Scammers Use Remember that scammes will try to disguise these numbers by grouping them a certain way or adding zeroes.  As soon as you see one of these numbers, there is no job, its just a scam!

If a company or government agent or barrister, does not have a website, its a scam.  If the website doesn't work, its a scam!  Always ask for a website and if they say its under construction or maintenance, etc. its a scam!   It was most likely removed for fraud!  Don't let some scammer convince you that there is a temporary problem with their website.  Many fake job scammers use fake websites and fake email only domains.  If an employment email refers to a website or the email address is something like ", check the date the domain was registered. Read: If it domain was registered recently, the "company" is fake there is no job, its a scam!   

You get a visa and/or work permit yourself from the proper embassy or consular or high commissioner and it costs very little!  No real company or government ever requests you send them money via Western Union and/or MoneyGram or Bank to Bank transfers.  Read:  Canada's fake visa warning which would apply to all countries! click here ---> The United Kingdom fake visa warning. click here ---> Click and read: Western Union/MoneyGram = Fraud / Scam! and Don't Pay Strangers Using Bank Transfer!   As soon as any of this happens, that tells you there is no job, its a scam! 

All house supervisor, house keeping, house cleaning, nanny jobs, private nurse,  domestic worker, etc. jobs emailed from someone in Canada, United States, Australia and UK are scams.  No stranger in another country is going to hire a stranger in another distant country who he can't see, and pay to fly them to their home and trust them with their family.  It doesn't make sense.  They could just hire someone in their own country who they know or could interview!  Plus, they would not be able to get a visa for an unskilled worker when there are plenty of them already in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States!  

All Hotel job offers to persons in countries such as India are fake.  No real hotel is going to be able to get a visa for an unskilled worker in a faraway country to come to Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States!  There are plenty of workers already in those countries for those jobs and you cannot get a visa to do unskilled labor.

Fake job scammers will also impersonate real companies by pretending that that company's website belongs to them and that they represent that company.   However, the email address they use will always be different than the one on the company's website.  For example, the company website will be but their website will be a free email address or something other than ""  Click and read: Free Email Addresses That Scammers Use\

Real companies do not look for workers in other countries!  They simply hire workers in their own country!  Scammers offer fake jobs to people in other countries so there is an excuse for an advance fee, in other words, a visa, work permit, plane ticket, affidavit, license fee, etc.  When you get a job offer from a "company" in another country that requires you to get some kind of document, work permit or visa,  there is no job, its just a scam!

Very few real companies use mobile telephone number.  Scammers almost always use pre-paid mobile numbers.  You can check the telephone number of the company here:  Click and Read: International Mobile Phone Numbersr or here Numbering Plans and input the telephone number then click "analyze."  Many scams come from Malaysia and India.  Malaysian mobile phone numbers start with 1 (+60 1xxxxxxx)  Indian start with 9,8, or 7 (after the country code of +90) If the telephone number is a mobile, assume it is a pre-paid mobile and there is a good chance there is no job, its just a scam!

One huge indication of a scam is a job which offers a great deal of money or benefits which are much more that what is normal for that job. By doing this, the scammer attracts more victims.  If the job offers much more than it should, there is no job, its just a scam! 

Google everything about the "job", the email address, the telephone number, the company website, the company name, and many times you will see its a scam because its already been posted as a scam.  Scammers frequently uses the same telephone number in their scams and many anti-fraud bloggers and forums post job scam and job scam emails. has a list of scam job offers here:
Please also click and read: 
Please understand that law enforcement cannot do anything about these scammers!  They are anonymous and most are in Nigeria.

If after reading this article you still wonder if a job offer is fake.  Forward the entire email to along with the email headers.  Here is a tutorial on how to get them: How To Read Email Headers in Common Email Programs