Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ANDREW BAILEY / Overseas First Federal Bank / Scam Fraud

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 Subject: Account Opening Procedures with Overseas First Federal Bank, St. Vincent and Grenadines Islands
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Attention to you beneficiary,

I am right now in St. Vicent and GrenadinesIslands, just finish meeting with the chief Executive director of (Overseas First Federal Bank, St. Vincent Islands) over the official deposit of your fund into the bank escrow account, the certificate of deposit will be forward to you immediately i hear from you for your confirmation.

As soon as we open the account for you here in St.Vincent and Grenadines Islands, your problem is solved, because the bank here will not ask you for so many documents like Bank of England, the bank will immediately confirm your offshore account details and your account number will immediately forwarded to you including the checkbook and Gold Cards and Master Card, and within 24 hours, I will personally fly down to you so that you can sign the necessary documents, either in your house or your office before they will hand over your master card, checkbook, copy of your online account pin numbers and Credit card on your account.

This is a special arrangement, very special one, and i must confess to you that all you need to do is for you to email me so that i will explain more about this operation and i will need your urgent compliance with all my instructions, this arrangement is very very official and completely special arrangement with the (Overseas First Federal Bank, St. Vincent Islands) i hope to hear from you soonest. please go through the bank website and read all the benefits for banking with the bank business account department: http://www.overseasfirstfederal.com/en/about_us.htm

The ball is now on your hand, because if we quickly open the account upon your immediate compliance on my previous instructions, we will then lodge the money into your account and then from there we will proceed to your country for the documents endorsement, all this special services are also included, but you must make the payment for your account to be open and activated before the huge lodge in will commence immediately.

Thanks and God Bless You


Mr. Andrew Bailey,
Executive Director of Bank of England


  1. WARNING: www.OverseasFirstFederal.com is operating ILLEGALLY, is a scam, has stolen thousands of dollars of customers money and as been reported to the Police, Interpol, the FBI and a number of other Law Enforcement Agencies.

    IMPORTANT MUST READ: Detailed Evidence exposing the crooks at Overseas First Federal Bank is contained on this web site: www.OverseasFirstFederalScam.com.

  2. The Truth About Overseas First Federal Bank and their Theft of Customers Funds and Scam is Exposed at http://www.overseasfirstfederalscam.com/


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