Monday, July 23, 2012

St . Peter Catholic Parish Mission / Rev. Michael Huda / Scam Fraud

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St Paul Catholic Church
From St . Peter Catholic Parish Mission
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St . Peter Catholic Parish Mission
Christen Church of God
104 Abaca Christian Avenue
Cotonuo Branch
Benin Republic .

Dear child of God,

I am Rev. Father Michael Hudar, the chief Parish Priest, St. Peter Catholic Church Ash Diocese.

I want to inform you that a man was brought to this church since yesterday with a serious Sickness all over his body, he was arrested by God and right now, he is seriously sick and also at the point of death, he has been taken to so many hospital but to no avail,then, the family brought him for survival prayer, But on the process of praying for this man, Immediately, he began to confess all his sin to God. He was crying and asking God for forgiveness, He made an open confession that he is into fraud business and have been ripping and scamming money from people in the name of sending a fund that is not true.

Along the line, he mention 3 names which your name is included with the amount collected from each of you, he said that he was communicating with you through so many email address and you do send money to him with different payment information’s, that some part of the money was sent to him in Nigeria while some is receive by him here in Benin Republic .

He also stated that he has an account with the World Bank in Nigeria which contains the amount of 1.5million united state dollars as his personal money in the bank and his family has already confirmed that it is true, when this man was saying all this; I do not know that he can not survive this sickness. But to Glory and wills of God. He gives up.

In fact he said a lot of things but these are the ones we recorded. it is quite unfortunate that after this confession, this man died instantly, upon the whole prayer made for him, I was shocked but I consider what happen to be the will of God, Before he give up, he instructed his family to make sure that his money in the Bank should be return to you people.

This is what happen and I care to let you know and I also pleaded with you in the name of God to forgive him and also be praying to God to receive his soul. Right now, we are arranging for his befitting burial which will come up by 2 weeks time, because the family said that the whole money should be sent to you people before his burial will take place. As you can see, the families are seriously fighting to make sure everything work out before his burial. As for the arrangement, ($800,000.00) Eight hundred thousand united state dollars Check was map out for you, as for your own part of the money.

But because of my coming to America by next week Monday, the family chose me as the only person who can help them to deliver this money to your address, therefore note that I am coming to America by next week Monday for a program and may come up with your own money if you wish to receive it in that way. All you need is to email me as soon as you receive this mail, so that I can inform the family because the family has handed everything’s over to me as the only person whom they trust.

Therefore, you should furnish me with your current information such as.

Your Full Name...........
Your Home Address........
Your Current Telephone Number.....
You’re Age/sex...........
Your occupation..........

I will wait to hear from you if you are the right owner of this email address and this name stated below.

Please harden your hart to forgive this man and also keep praying for his soul to rest in peace.

I am waiting for this confirmation as soon as possible.

May God bless you and your family?

Rev. Michael Huda.

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