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Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 00:38:12 -0700
Subject: Re: bulldog
To: Victim

 Thanks for the mail. I quite appreciated your interest on your proposing in purchasing my puppies,I still have two left one male and one female. But the question is that will the puppies be able to find a lovely home with you?Do you have enough time to spend with the puppies and care for them?If so i will be very glad and happy to give out the puppies to you. The puppies are 11 weeks old presently.  Will you take the two puppies or just one ? Unfortunately I can't look after the puppies any longer due to the mobile nature of my new Job so i can't corp in taking care of the puppies any more that is the prime reason for me giving out the puppies .This is how i have made up my mind through prayers and pains taking efforts in search for a reliable caring person to take good care of the puppies.The little babies have had current vaccination,vet check,health certificate and 1 year health guarantee and the are AKC registered.They are potty trained,home raise and socialized for tremendous attitude. .I will be very glad to have you as a good caring parent for the puppies only if you can take good care of the puppies as your own babies. Actually money is not what matters, but to find a good caring and loving person. If you are interested in giving these puppies a wonderful home kindly Provide answers to the following questions
Have you ever own a pet before
Do you have any kids
Have your ever own this breed of puppy before
Why are you interested on this breed
Do you want to adopt one or both
what sex are you interested in taking
How soon do you need the puppies over
Where are you located
Do your kids love the coming of these puppies
Sorry for all the question , but i just want to be sure that the
puppies are going to the right home and they will be having all the love and attention they need ..please get back to me with the answers. waiting for your kind responds

Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 09:12:12 -0700
Subject: RE: bulldog
To: Victim

Hi ,
 Am back from the delivery service and i am done with the delivery
registration,I was ask to pay $90 for the registration of
Berry and Terry,And i paid the money using their director's details that they
gave me,Because they said their director is the one in-charge of all
payment,So they said they will contact you via email to give you
directives on how you will be paying the delivery charge of Berry and Terry
as for them to change the ownership documents and also issue out a
delivery tickets which they will use to activate the delivery of
Berry and Terry ,So here is their director's payment information that they gave me
when i made the payment,

Payment Information
Receivers ,Names......... James  Brown
Receivers,Country ....... USA
Post zip..............99208
Receivers ,City.............Spokane
Receivers ,Test question....How Soon ?
Receivers, Test answer......Now

So when they contact you they will let you know as well,So all you
need is to copy down their director's details when they contact and go
to the western union store at your location and make the payment of
$450 for the delivery of Berry and Terry,Because they said the western union is the best means as for their director to confirm payment
and proceed with the activation of the delivery tickets and proceed
with delivery,They said the delivery tickets of Berry and Terry must be
activated before they can commence with the delivery so that is why
you must have to pay them for them to do that as soon as you can,They
said when you are done with the payment all you need to do is to email
them with the money control numbers which is the 10 digit code numbers known as M.T.C.N numbers or Reference numbers or you
give them a call,They said they will be using the numbers to serve it
as the activation code numbers when activating the delivery tickets of
Berry and Terry,So if you accept the terms and condition of their service
just let me know,And if you are not willing to pay them just let me
know so that i can go and collect Berry and Terry back .You can email them
at ( ) You can also call them at
509-477-9342.Many thanks and please do stick to your promise to send
me updated pictures ok,.


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