Friday, September 28, 2012

ZETI AKHTAR AZIZ / Fake Scam Fraud

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PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL ASAP: 00-1-940 604 1843
Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:58:22 -0400
Dear sir,

I have been wondering the reasons behind your failure and non compliance to advise at this crucial time, what is really the matter and why have you choosing to frustrate all our efforts towards this transaction at this point? I am becoming fade up with these arrangements now due to your non compliance and reluctances in response this present time and moreover nobody is interested in your hard earn money I have given you several proofs regarding this transaction and if you still need money proof to clear your doubt I am willing to forward all the relevant documents for more confidence and to proof the authenticity of this transaction that this fee is the only requirement and the money is not an upfront payment or bank charges. The account opening and upgrading fee is still your money because is refundable deposit the bank will use the money as a minimum deposit to open and run as first transaction on your new account which they set up for you with your name before the full amount of $5 million dollars will be lodge into the account for you as the beneficiary.If you want me to send you a guarantee letter to assure you that the money you are required to pay is for upgrading of your offshore account and is refundable immediately your account is activated and upgraded.

I would gladly do that for you to know that the only obstacle holding your fund with Central Bank Nigeria is to activate your online account which they set up for you in their bank. On completion of your account activation, you will be issued with your account number and account access (logins codes) details to enable you access and transfer your funds personally via the bank online transfer system to your designated bank of your choice.

please try and understand that this case required your urgent attention and we need to get this case finalize because we are entering Third chapter here in Malaysian banking system, I have a good run on this serious matter which you believe I have done my best and all I need is for us to complete this case today because you have already exceeded the time frame given to you for completing the assignment which was on the 25th of September 2012.

please try and understand and believe in me on this case because I have sent all the documents and I am now ready to fly to you with all the original hard copies documents which you will have to sign and I will move to your Bank with me because your bank must certified that this fund is coming bit by bit is from the right source because there is a lots of scam going around the globe right now and we are always very careful to avoid falling into temptation.

I have manage with the boards of directors of (CBN) Central Bank of Nigeria to come to this stage which is the final stage and with your full support and full understanding and cooperation with me, we are going to make this happen indeed, so I need your urgent attention to this matter so that we can both move to the next stage and get this matter completed for you.

Thanks for Banking with us

From Dr. Zeti Ahktar Aziz
Governor Bank Negara Malaysia
Tel: 00-1-940 604 1843 or
SMS to: +60 1 6244 7120

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