Friday, September 28, 2012

ANYIM PIUS ANYIM / Fake Scam Fraud

DIRECT LINE+ 234-818-0306-804

Attention: Victim

I have been watching your transaction with interest for some time now,
since I was appointed the new Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria. I
have never been in support of shady deals from president Gen. Olusegun
Obasanjo, Senator Mark Brown and Dr. Jim Ovie of Zenith Bank. I have
gone through your payment file and found out that you have completed
all that is required of you to have your payment released into your
nominated bank account, but the greed which exist in the lives of Dr.
Jim Ovie of Zenith Bank, Senator Mark Brown and Mr. John Peters will
not let them do what they supposed to do to transfer your payment to

About your payment, it has long been due and approved for transfer,
but because of the amount involved which is above $1Musd, Dr. Jim Ovie
of Zenith Bank and Mr. Sam Brown of FedEx including other Bank Directors
will never let you no exactly what to do to get your funds transferred
to your nominated bank account, because of their personal needs for
money. Your payment was approved again to be paid which Jim Ovia
and other Bank Directors gambled with and called the payment
back, because of the same greed. The money you have spent in the past
is nothing compared to what they make from your funds through what we
called International Trade on Stock and Exchange.

This is what Dr. Jim Ovie of Zenith Bank and Prof. Charles Soludo of
Central Bank Mr. Sam Brown introduced to all of them, telling them never
to approve your payment so that they can use it to trade on the International
Market. In 60 days interval they make 10% of the amount. Check out how
much they must have made with your payment since it was first approved
for transfer. This is the secret most of our foreign beneficiaries are
not aware of and they need someone to stand for them to clear this and
make them get their payments within 48 hours. I thank God for the new
President of Nigeria Dr.Good Luck Jonathan who is not like the former
president Gen.Olusegun Obasanjo, who was the master minder of all the
corruptions here at the Presidency. To be frank with you, if I have known
this before, you would've received your funds in your account before now,
because I have known their secret which they believe no one else is
aware of it.

All you have to do is to work with Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and
they will get this document for you with the sum of $280 USD only,
file in the document directly to the Office of the President and
request for an immediate approval by the President and once that is
done, the document will be sent to Central bank and automatically,
they will contact you for remittance of your funds. Immediately you
obtained the said document you will pay nothing to Central Bank of
Nigeria, for any kind of Transfer fees as the same document will
instruct the Central bank to deduct all fees from the original sum. I
do not want you to let anyone know about this letter. I just want to
expose them and help the cheated to receive their funds. Dr. Jerry
Gana, Mr. John Peters, Prof. Soludo, Dr. Jim Ovie, Mr. Sam Brown and
others will never tell you about the Irrevocable Presidential Permit
(IPP) because they know that once you have gotten this document, they
will never have any reason to delay your payment for more than 48
hours. This document is usually issued by the Association of Nigeria
Lawyers popularly called the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Court of
Justice, and the President himself.

Now tell me, if the NBA backs you as their client, the Court of
Justice Approves you as the True Beneficiary and the President says
pay the beneficiary, who is bank and it's Directors to say no and
delay your payment for one extra day? They will never let you have the
Idea of this, because they want to keep making money with your funds
which they believe is not an offense. Since Prof. Charles Soludo, Dr.
Mr. Sam Brown,Jim Ovie, Mr. Philip Odueze and the African Development
Bank directors have the right to place any unclaimed funds in the Escrow
Account of the Central Bank of Nigeria. And when they do that, they
claim that the payment has not yet been approved. The only way you
can get this payment now is to immediately get the Irrevocable Presidential
Permit (IPP) and once you have this document, you will file it in directly to
the office of the President for an immediate release order. I am so
sorry for all you have gone through.

Yours Sincerely,


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