Saturday, September 8, 2012

ZETI AKHTAR AZIZ / Fake Scam Fraud

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"Urgent, please call me" Tel: + 1-940-604-2746
Sat, 8 Sep 2012 05:10:47 -0700
Dear sir,

Please understand that the money the Central Bank governor requested you to pay was not the bank charges, it is a minimum deposit which the bank required to upgrade your super yeild offshore bank account, and this amount is still your money it would be refundable back to you after the clearance of your fund. I trusted Mr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi for so many years now and he is a good and wonderful man, i have discuss with him since yesterday about it because of your present finance and he explain to me that he will support you with $750 dollars, so you see how nice he is, so i will advice you to go ahead and send balance of $750 so that the fee will be used for the full upgrading of your new offshore bank account to be upgraded before the big amount will be lodge into your account, so the money you are paying is going to be a refundable deposit back to your account because it will appear to your present balance after you have successfully paid the required fees for the upgrading of your New Bank account with Central Bank of Nigeria, please don't write him this type of message because he will feel maybe we don't appreciate him, but rather we do appreciate him and since he is showing us love by helping us, then you should always understand him and pay the balance of $750 because what he is doing is a professional job and he is in-charge of the clearing, so do not feel bad and be happy, write me back now because i am online so that we can settle this case, you don't need to waste time in paying the refundable minimum deposit, rather you should find a solution to send the balance of $750 so that we can clear this transaction now, please call Mr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and thank him for his help and don't let him know your complaining because he is a good man and God Fearing, i trust him

Please call me on the below numbers for more directives concerning your payments: + 1-940-604-2746 Tel: +60 1 6244 7120

Please advice

Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Tel: + 1-940-604-2746
Tel: +60 1 6244 7120


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