Monday, September 10, 2012

Tracy Taylor / Paul Victor / Dying Person Scam Fraud

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From: Barrister Paul victor
Subject: Details of proposal
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2012 07:30:21 +0100
Paul Victor Solicitors
4 Hockley, Nottingham, Derbyshire NG1 1FH

Dear friend,

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, I am Paul victor, Attorney to Mr. Taylor and Mrs Tracy Taylor. These people you do not know except for a short email from Tracy directing you to contact me. I understand that contacting you via email does not depict seriousness, but we had no choice considering the present condition of my client and also this decision by my client was impromptu. I want you to take this email very seriously.

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor both loved each other very much,  they virtually all their lives in the city of Nottingham, England. They both managed a colossal steel company. Sadly enough, Taylor died in a plane crash in 2009. Tracy could not recover from the death of her husband and fell sick later that same year. This also led to the sale of their company. She is presently in a memorial hospital outside of Nottingham. She has cancer and partial paralysis from a stroke. The doctors say she has a very short time to live, a couple of days in fact. Tracy was a very religious woman who believed in God almighty but did not discriminate whether one was a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, etc. All she ever wanted was to see everyone live in unity. I suspected this part of her was due to the fact that she never had any children.

Cutting to the chase, Mrs Taylor's last wish was for her estate (funds) to be spent on full time charity. She could have simply written a cheque and issued to any of the charity organizations, but she does not want that. She wants her own charity and she wants it to be managed by someone she did not know. She said there was a revelation to her that she should entrust the funds to a total stranger, hence she instructed that I do a random email search on the web. were i contacted a Christian sister to help out.I tried to discourage her, I told her that no one would believe considering the circumstances, but she would not budge. I had no choice but to do as she said. You are the second person I have contacted. The first person turned me down.

My client humbly requests that you manage an orphanage home for her in your country where the less privileged and orphans can come and stay. This would require a lot of your time, but not to worry, we have a very sumptuous remuneration for you. They maintain a domiciliary account at the Fibi Bank in London which has USD 10,800,000.00 USD in it.  She intends to use 30% to build the orphanage home, 60% will be kept aside for the upkeep of the children in it for at least the next five to seven years, while subsequent funding can emanate from donations, organizing competitions, grants, etc while 10% will be yours for the role that you will play as the supervisor.

If you agree to this proposal, please respond to this email right away and I will instruct you on further actions to take in ensuring that the mentioned sum is wired to you. Hoping that you will comply.

Paul victor.
TEL:   +(44) 704-577-2672 (Office) / +44 704 577-2672

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