Saturday, September 15, 2012

ZETI AKHTAR AZIZ / Fake Fraud Scam

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Dear Sir,

It would be very sad to me if the West African Bankers Association redirects the $5M to their government account as unclaimed money due to your non compliance to advise. So please we have to utilize the opportunity which Mr. Sanusi Lamido Sanusi the Central Bank Governor has given us, so you have to try as much as you could in raising and sending the remaining balance of your offshore account upgrading fee today for him to commence, because after today, he might not be able to assit you with thae $750 anymore, and that would result us paying the full amount before your account will be well ugraded, so try and make sure you send the remaining balance or part of it today for us to commit him. Note , your failure to pay the balance might complicate issues as you have to pay the full amount by yourself before your account will be upgraded and ready to use by you the beneficiary.

Please understand that this matter concern me so much as the Executive Governor, Bank Negara Malaysia,I must serve and protect you as my client because that is my job and my full commitment, to make sure that I work according to the right path and to make sure that my instructions to the Central Bank of Nigeria is being properly carried out to successful completion of your long-awaited fund ($5,000,000.00) Five Million united states dollars to your full access.I am a professional on international affairs and all the procedures are professionally handle and i must make sure we complete the official clearing process of this transaction, we must make sure we protect this matter legally and you must also understand that this case is a very serious matter that need to be handle with care fullness to avoid any embarrassment for you in near future.

Kindly give me a call for more explanations and let me know when you are sending the fees and where to send it to so that I will reconfirm the receiving details of the CBN fiduciary agent to you for immediate action to be properly taken care of.

Thanks for Banking with Us,

Dr. Zeti AKhtar Aziz

Give me a call so that I will explain more to you sir.
Tel: + 1-940-604-2746
SMS to: +60 1 6244 7120

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