Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seamax Offshore Inc. / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Dear Victim

With reference to your recent application with Seamax Offshore Inc.

As screened and evaluated, we are pleased to offer you a professional appointment as DY. MANAGER – BUSINESS SYSTEM ANALYSIS, we are desirous to having you work with us after the evaluation of your CV we saw your skills as value addition to our company and our clients respectively. Please understand that the terms set forth in this draft will only come into effect once the agreement is actually singed by the two parties and we hope you will find the terms of the proposed agreement to be acceptable.

Kindly review it carefully and should you feel something was overlooked or you would like to propose a change, please feel free to let us know but if you find the agreement to be satisfactory, please PRINT OUT, SIGN and send back to us the last page of your agreement copy as a token of your acceptance within four (4) working days of receipt.

It is expected that you join us as early as possible but not later than one (1) Month, beyond which the offer would be in abeyance, until a new date may be considered by us. On acceptance of this appointment and further clarification, you are to submit the following below referenced documents specifically to the HR. Manager whose contact is given, this will enable the Company to process your Visa, Works / Residence Permit Papers at the earliest:

1. Scanned One (1) Passport Size photographs.
2. Job offer acceptance letter and scanned dully signed copy of Job Contract.
3. Copy of birth certificate.
4. Procured UK Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number.

Seamax Offshore Inc.
Address: Great Yarmouth
England, United Kingdom.
Contact Person:Alexander Owen
Designation:Human Resources Manager
Tel: + (44) 7045 780554
Fax : +44 (0) 7945 783045

This Offer of Expatriate Work contract is contingent upon the fulfillment of all the above referenced engagement provisions within the time frame allotted to it.You shall be eligible to receive the benefits/compensations indicated in the main terms and conditions which shall include:

* Health/life and disability insurance.
* Sick leave
* Vacation days
* Allowances
* Car/travel and telephone expenses
* Other Normal and reasonable expenses will be reimbursed on a monthly basis per company policy.
* Bonus effective upon your completion of 90 days of employment, and based on the formula determined by the company.

We have sent a copy of your contract file to the Expatriate Immigration Solicitors. You are required to contact the Expatriate Immigration Solicitors whose contact details are given below for expedited processing of your Non-Default Guarantee Certificate and National Insurance Number. This shall stand as an indication of your readiness to resume with the Company and most importantly, it is your duty to bear the cost of your Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number as this will enable the company (Seamax Offshore Inc.) to sponsor your Visa material,Works/Residence Permit papers and flight ticket including one month upfront salary in other for you to settle your local expense before your embark on your trip to UK as this is in line with the UK employment law and company agreement.

Add: 101Castle Street,
Aberdeen Scotland, AB11 5BB
Name:Mr.Trond Westlie
Tel: +44 (0) 701 112 1562
Fax: +44 (0) 701 112 1560

Note,this must be presented to us within ten days of receipt and failure to provide the Non-Default Guarantee certificate and National Insurance Number on or before the 28th September,2012 could be considered to mean your lack of readiness to resuming with the Company and unwillingness to abide with UK Public/work safety guideline and will result to the nullification of the appointment.

Any expenses involved in the processing of the Non-Default Guarantee certificate / National Insurance Number and other contingency will be reimbursed by the Company after five working days including One (1) month upfront salary to enable you settle your local expenses before you embark on your trip to UK on Employee's early notification and substantiated with an official receipt of expense.

We welcome you to Seamax Offshore Inc. and look to having a fruitful association with you.

Yours Faithfully,
Contact Name: Robert Henry
Designation: Recruitment Manager
Address: Great Yarmouth
England, United Kingdom.
Phone No: + (44) 7035 966653

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