Monday, September 30, 2013

Zouheir Hani Moussly / Scam Fraud

Thanks for your letter.As i have informed you already that my names are Zouheir Hani  Moussly,a Syrian born British citizen,  and undercover Personal assistance  to Syria Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha to President Bashar al-Assad who died on Wednesday the 18/07/2012 in an explosion at a national security building in Damascus.I am a honest man,a devoted core Muslim. I plead guilty if my contact to you provokes your moral behavior; but my good friend, I want you to understand that i am a honest and God fearing Muslim and since i cannot be able to secure this funds due to my health is bad,i have cancer and my relationship with the late Defense Chief Dawoud Rajiha to President Bashar al-Assad who died in Damascus as regards the ongoing crisis in Syria.

    Before I go into further details please be informed that I am writing this to you without any other person(s) per-knowledge of my contact to
you.This will be between us as no one knows about this huge funds.Again because i am in a safe place since the death of late Defense Chief Dawood Rajiha to President Bashar al-Assad.As you may be aware of the ongoing crisis in Syria,after the death of my 2 sons in Damascus,i flew with the rest my family with the help of Allah and because i posses UK citizenship,but will never disclose to you my present location in the UK currently until I receive your interest in return to secure this funds unknown to no one even the families of late defense Chief Dawoud Rajiha is not aware of the funds as i have every steps to direct you as to secure this funds.

     As i told you before that i need your assistance to secure the sum of  US$11,000,000(Eleven Million United States Dollars)  in Asia to your country or any safe country as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care.You have to get back to me soonest.This money is genuine and was handed to the finance company under custody to care by the late Defense Minister Dawoud Rajiha,this funds is  from the compensations from various Oil Companies operating in Syria over time, he was able to secure this funds before his death with so many valuables not on my care during his time in office,it is in a security firm outside Syria in care of me as he confided in me before his demise. The funds in a secured finance firm in Malaysia country.I ask for your indulgence to assure the safety and to secure the the funds to your care for safety of the funds.

 My good Friend, my word is my goal, and I would like same from you.I want you to indicate to me your interest that you will assist me by
giving me more information about you, your contact information so that I will give you more details about this secrecy and how to proceed,and how everything would be handle in a free-hitch means.Please reply with your means of ID(passport) for i want to know whom am entrusting this issue to care for and i want to know your capabilities in securing this funds without any hindrance from your end.

Thank you my good friend,and for your understanding!I would be looking forward to be hearing from you soonest with your full contact information.

Zouheir .M.

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