Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rev Andrew Evra / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is fake job scam!  Read:

From: andrew evra
Date: Monday, August 19, 2013
Subject: regarding job in your home

Rev.Andrew Evra
38 St. Clements Ave,
Toronto, M4R1G9,
Ontario, Canada
Canada.T2P 3H7
Tel:+134 7918 3573

Dear Applicant,
Thanks for your interest, I am Rev Andrew Evra, a Canadian citizen with a family of [ 5] my wife, [3] kids two boys and a girl and my mum 68 years old. I'm in urgent need of a caring male or female house manager/supervisor to work for me in my house here in Canada as am always away on business. As house manager you will be proficient and well-versed in all aspects of private household service.You will be available for guiding all of the other household employees. It is often a hands-on role and a good house manager should be willing and able to step into other people's roles should the occasion arise, to ensure that any employee absences do not affect the smooth running of the household. to make sure things are going well in the house and report to me directly as am not due to my busy schedule and am not always around to see things for my self.
Employment Status: Full time with the following facilities.
A) A private accommodation with a furnished sitting room and bedrooms suitable for a family of 3.
B) A Fixed land phone and an Internet ready computer.
C) Free Feeding
D) Free medical care
E) A day off every week and all fully paid six weeks vacation in a year.
You will be working from 7am to 12 in the morning and from 2pm to 7pm in the evenings.
SALARY: $4,500 CAD Monthly,
Allowance: $800 CAD for your up keeping allowance a week
Total Gross Salary (5,300 CAD) monthly after tax.
NOTE: You will be responsible for the payment of your working visa/work permit fee to the Canadian embassy as a proof of readiness to join this job and to enable them secure an appointment for your visa. This is the only cost you have to pay which will be refunded back to you when you get to Canada to resume work. I will be responsible for your flight ticket and all other formalities.
Please do understand that I am doing this due to my past experience whereby I paid for visa/work permit and ticket fees and my employee turn me down,cause me to loose my money with no refund. Do not accept this contract if you cannot afford to pay for your visa fee to the Canadian embassy in your country when needed for your visa processing. Get back to me with a copy of your international passport and photograph if you accept the terms and condition so we can proceed further and to make our contract agreement letter by our immigration lawyer.

Yours Faithfully,
Rev Andrew Evra

From: Barrister Michael Nick
Date: Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm glad to inform you that your job has been approved with your employer Rev Andrew Evra,with 4 years first contract to work and live under his employments scheduled with approval by our Ministry of Labor and Labor Market Opinion .

An appointed Immigration Attorney has been assigned by our immigration department today  in charge of your visa and work permit issuance in our embassy in your country India,without interview or delaying on your issuance of your visa and work permit.
You are urge to contact the appointed diplomat with details below for your visa and work permit procurement .Upon contacting the appointed Immigration Attorney by tomorrow in your country.You will have your visa application and the list of the additional documents that may be required to be submitting to our embassy as your personal proof.

Your employer has made everything in order by submitted all the necessary documents to fasten your visa and work permit, 5 working days has been tagged on file approval once you meet up with all required documents required by the  attorney to proceed with your visa and work permit process,to ensure your resumption to Canada before 23rd of September ,2013

You are advise you to response to the appointed Immigration Attorney by fill your visa and work permit Application form with all the necessary documents that may required from our embassy over there.

Here's is the appointed Immigration Attorney contact details .

Name : . Mrs Florence Emma   
Email: (Free Email Address=Scam)
Tel:+ 00918586807764
Canadian Embassy Chandigarh, India
SCO #54-56, Sector 17-A

Forward the copy of your LMO confirmation copy with your international passport data copy and your Letter Agreement copy from your employer and a size passport photograph .
Contact with the list documents copies listed above to authentication of your file on their database.

Here are the list of your employer documents copies that has been forwarded to our embassy in your country India, along with your job approval and the original LMO copy from our Labor market opinion too.
You will receive all the original copies on your appointment date of official stamping of your visa and work permit.

1;Original LMO Copy from Labor Market Opinion database.

2:Employer Financial Proof,

3:Tax Clearance copy

4 National Identity Card Originated from Canadian Citizenship database.

5,Insurance certificate copy .

With agreement made with your employer that he will be responsible for your air ticket down to Canada and reimbursement of your visa and work permit expenses when you arrive here in Canada.Also due to the short days that have been tagged to treat your visa and work permit file ,you are advise to response to your appointed Immigration Attorney promptly for all other documents that may required as personal documents to complete the issuance of your visa and work permit in our embassy in your country.
Once your visa and work permit file is approved ,you have to contact your appointed Immigration Attorney to make your visa fee and work permit fee promptly in other to meet up with hours that may be attached with your file to issue your visa and work permit.

Note that your visa and work permit file has been group in Diplomatic , your visa and work permit fee must be paid through your appointed Immigration Attorney over there,in other to confirm your payment receipt to your employer for reimbursement of your expenses immediately your arrival in Canada.

I wish you best of luck in your new career here in Canada.

Warm Regards,

Barrister Michael Nick Associates

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