Saturday, September 28, 2013

Malik Rhaman / Scam Fraud

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Dear Friend,

Thanks for your mail and Before i proceed on, i have to let you know that i will be very happy to share this transaction with you knowing fully well that you shall assist me for the success and This will only take you 6 or 7 working days depending how serious you might handle the project.

  I advise you to be contacting me through the above email address for security reasons and for your information i contacted you for your good assistance towards helping me in this matter for the benefit of our both families and we suppose to meet our selves, but not at this moment as i am suppose to be in the bank until the fund is transferred into your account.

Listen, this is to let you know that the transaction is right, serious and of which it is 100% legal as i have underground done all the necessary arrangement as to ensure 100% risk free, of which i made a prayer on your behalf, Before i decided to contact you and choose you based on this very transaction and this is why i have trusted you and select you and made you the controller of the fund so bear in mind that you are free to discuss options that might be good for both of our families, But the most important thing is to join hands together for the success so i want you to assist me to your best ability so as to achieved our aim.
Now i will like to introduce myself to you , I am a Burkina be, I held from region called Kadiago in Burkina Faso, I schooled at university of Gambia, where I had my first degree (bsc.Hons ) in banking and finance, and also my masters degree in (MBA) in the same university in commercial law ,finally the university honored me with doctorate a ward certificate as a doctor due to the legacy I left behind , that is why today I am doctor by a word.

I am 48 years of age happily married with good looking wife who also work with an insurance firm here in Burkina Faso, we have two children, I have work with the bank for over 14 years, in this bank I am the presiding manager of credit and exchange department here in the bank of Africa, I have work along way to see that I keep to my reputation in this bank, meanwhile I will like if you can maintain this transaction to the top most secrecy till this money get in to your account, after that we can meet each other and start something better as you might advised with the money. A big time firm prissily in your country,
I have to thank you once again for your much concern and Understanding towards this transaction and this is to let you know that success shall be our birth right as long as this transaction is concern because i work in this bank and i strongly believed what i am talking about. But please do not betray me at last when the fund shall finally goes into your account.
Meanwhile, i will like you to call me immediately you received this mail as you send the requested information’s needed, which i will send you an application letter to fill in properly and send it to our bank through the bank customer email address as i will indicate in the application form.
The bank will be contacting you on the procedures involved in transferring the fund into your account so what ever you might receive from our bank, after applying do not fail to let me know so that i can direct you As i have programmed the fund be into your account.

Please always be in contact with me through my telephone number and also make sure that you keep every thing top secret until this fund is transferred into your account so as to avoid any kind of exposure.

l will be seriously waiting for your urgent call as to know whom i am dealing with and also to send you the application form. Proceed immediately as i directed you.

Further information or guidance will be disclosed to you as soon as you send the application to our bank as i will direct you, please make sure you informed me by calling me through my telephone number for my urgent attention so that i can undergroundly monitor the process as your insider in the bank.
Thanks and From Mr Malik Rahman 
My Telephone Number
+226 66 16 85 81

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