Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Free Websites Are Suspicious!

Scammers Love Free Websites

These free websites (also called sub-domain) websites are a favorite of scammers. They are free and as anonymous as free email addresses. Additionally, there is no domain registration date or registrant information. which is very important when investigating whether a website is a scam. Be wary of dealing with any business or person connected to a free website, where money is involved

There are many website hosting companies that give free hosting of websites on sub-domains of their domains. The other way you can tell a free website is because, the name of the website or the URL always ends with the name of the hosting company. such as "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "","", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "," "," "", "", "", "", "" and "" are just a few! There are many others! is one of the worst as it is based in Nigeria.  So a URL like", "", "", "", "" is free website.

Sometimes there are advertisements for the free hosting company at the top or the bottom of the website so that is another clue. If in doubt, Google the suffix of the domain name, such as "" or "" and if it is a free hosted website, it should take you to the home page of the hosting company. Websites on B2B networks fall under this category.

Very few legitimate business use a free hosted/sub-domain website, which might have limits on bandwidth, data, the number of or size of pages and carries third party advertising.  Purchasing a domain and putting up a website costs as little as $50.00 a month.   Paid domain names end in .com, net, .org, .info, .us -  Here is a list of all the paid domain name endings.
If a website address doesn't end in any of these, its a free website. 

Scammers know that potential victims will be suspicious of a free hosted website so they hide them behind free domains redirects.

Free Domains Redirects

Several internet companies allow users to sign up for free domains. These include,,,,,, and to name a few. The user is able to choose the domain, however, it always ends in a the suffix associated with the free domain. The most popular free domains end in: "tk"; ""; ""; ""; "tc"; "cz", "nr; "pn"" and "tf" There are more however. Since, these suffixes are less noticeable that those of free hosted websites, many scammers get a free domain and point it, also known as redirect, to a free hosted website thus making that site look more legitimate.

When you see a URL such as "", "", "", "", ""," it is a red flag because these are free domains and they are almost always redirected to a free hosted website. Only scammers would attempt to hide a free hosted website.


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