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Core Oil and Gas Limited / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Core Oil and Gas Limited / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam. No real company would ever request that you pay any fee whatsoever via Western Union or MoneyGram! That always indicates a scam. Western Union/MoneyGram Indicate Scam!!! No real company would ever use a free email address such as:
Please read: Identifying Scam Email Addresses

Core oil and gas limited
Victoria Business Park,
Netherfield Nottingham,
Nottinghamshire NG42PE


Congratulations! We are pleased to confirm you have been selected to work for the core Oil and Gas We are delighted to make you the following job offer. The position we are offering is that of (truck and trailer driver) at a salary of (£19,000) per 1 month, which is a gross salary and the Net salary is (£10,050). This position reports to (Human resource manager – Water Smith). Your working hours will be from (7am – 3pm (8hrs) Mon-Fridays), with break period of 2hours only, beginning from (12pm - 2pm). This is a contract position which you would be able to work here in London for a minimum of 1yr and a maximum of 5yrs. We would like you to start work on (17th December 2012). Please report to for documentation and orientation. If this date is not acceptable, please contact me immediately.

The Management would like to inform you that your two months up-front salary will be added to your Parcel that will be sent to you via courier when the immigration are through with your documents.
• OLD SCHEME HOUSING LOAN: One (1) year service to the core Oil and Gas required for eligibility. Starter’s amount will be £4,500.00 GBP can be re-paid within ten (10) years with 5% interest.

LIEU CAR LOAN: All Employees are eligible to apply. Starter’s amount will be £2,500.00GBP can be re-paid within five (5) years.

TRAFFORD BUSINESS LOAN: All Employees are eligible to apply starter’s amount will be £5,000.00 GBP to £15,000.00 GBP annually.

• Employees are entitled to (2) times leave in a year, the duration of the leave is one month each.
Employee will receive £1,250.00 GBP take home for each leave period

• Employees are entitled to 3 square meals everyday and also expected to reside at The core Oil and Gas and gas staff quarters for a period of one (1) year, whereby the management would be responsible to take care of the employee’s accommodation and the only fees which would be required to pay is a NERF (New Employees’ Registration Fee). There are three (3) packages which we have available here at the core Oil and Gas which a new employee can choose from. Below you will find this accommodation package types and its registration fees: double suits. £2,500 single rooms. £1500(optional)
Employee is entitled to take meals free of charge at the general staff canteens. Dietary option,
Customized cooks and dieticians are available options

•Employer will provide the employee with comprehensive health care for the term of contract and
Follow-up care for injuries suffered during the term of contract for employee and family.

•Employee shall be entitled to comprehensive health care services, which are to be administered
By medical experts on job locations.

•In a case of emergency situation, an Employee will be flown to his home country or any country
Suitable for the best medical attention. This decision can be influenced by the findings of the medical experts, unless the Employee in question states otherwise.
Information Regarding Travelling Documentations:

• As a NON-EU Citizen, you would require a Visa and a Residence Work Permit, so as for you to be Eligible to work here in the UK. The core Oil and Gas management would be responsible to cover Flight Ticket, after your visa has been confirmed. Whereby you would have to bear the Charges for visa fees, documentation, authorisation postal services and the processing of your Residence Work Permit Papers.

: EU citizens, especially from (Romania & Bulgaria), you would require a Residence Work Permit Before you would be able to work here in the UK and as for other EU Citizens, there might be some other Travelling documentations you might need as well before your arrival to resume office. All this would be Discussed with you by the Immigration Office as soon as you are in contact with them. You should also note that your employment here at the core Oil and Gas, would be considered under the TIER2 CASES work permit application scheme and you are entitled to work for a period of one (1) year or five(5) i.e. if you which to extend your employment here at The core Oil and Gas or with some other company/organization.

You are required to pay the fee of High Court for processing of your Affidavit of Guarantee and Letter of Attestation for UK non-residents as well as consultation fee of our reputable Chambers. Therefore, the High Court approved charges and the consultation fee you will have to send to this Chambers along with your Passport Photograph and Filled Affidavit of Guarantee Form are as stated below:
High Court Oath Fee:............................ £155.40 GBP
Courier Service Fee:............................. £50.00 GBP
High Court Stamp Duty:....................... . £325.00 GBP
Consultation Fee:.................................. £120.50 GBP
Documentation………………………… £50.00GBP
Authorisation…………………….. £30.00GBP
Orientation and training………….. £ 100.00 GBP
Total:............................................ £830.90 GBP
Please note that this job offer is provisional and subjected to the following conditions:

1. you must undergo through medical examinations at our medical centre at core oil and gas UK

2. On reporting you have to show your original documents, failure to show the required document will result to the automatic cancellation of your job offer.

3. To accept this job offer and receive an official letter of acceptance and other documents sent to you via postal address, you must send generated reference receipt from Liberty Reserve for the payment of £830.90 GBP for processing of all documents deposit. Liberty Reserve account details:
Core oil and gas number U9931380 or via Western union money transfer or moneygram:

Name of receiver Mr Water Smith
Address: 34b Victoria business park, Netherfiled Nottingham
Nottingham shire NG42PE United Kingdom
Telephone Number: +447797800600

Please sign the enclosed copy of this letter and return with the receipt from liberty reserve or scan copy of western union payments or money gram. To indicate your Acceptance Sincerely,

Mr. W. Smith
Human Resource Manager
The Core Oil and Gas

I accept the offer as outlined above.
Me: ___________________________ Date: -----/-----/-------- Signature: ________________

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