Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Emirates National Oil Company / Fake Job Scam Fraud

Emirates National Oil Company / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam. No real company uses a free email address such as: Read: Identifying Scam Email Addresses
Telephone Numbers that start with +4470, +44(0)70 or +44070 are not in the United Kingdom!
Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams

Here is a scam ad: Notice the free email address.

From: ENOC Recruitment
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 08:09:16 +0100
Subject: Job Offer


Your application has been considered and an appointment has confirmed. The
company is pleased to offer you a position. Details will be seen in the
contract letter attached. Kindly click on the attachment to download your
Contract Letter. If in agreement with the terms set out, you are expected
to endorse your signature in the space[s] provided. Thereafter, the signed
page should be scanned and sent to us via email or fax. The offer will
remain valid for 7 days from the postmark date, and during this time we
will be available to answer your questions and give you all the information
you need to help you make your decision. We will also be able to assist and
advise when you’re completing your relocation process. Failure to forward
scanned page[s] within the time given may be implied as a rejection of the
Once you’ve accepted the job, a relocation advisor will be assigned to help
you through your relocation process, and we will send off all the
information needed to process your application.

As part of the conditions of employment, you will need to register for a
National Employment number with the Government Agency responsible for work
permits before your work permit is issued. Therefore appropriate fees
advised for the registration MUST be met by you. Immediately the work
permit is issued, send us a copy of the receipt and your nominated bank
account, so we will wire your relocation allowance and reimbursement for
fee paid. The company pays all new hires a settling-in allowance. This is
to cover miscellaneous expenses that may be incurred just prior to
mobilization and en route to the United Kingdom (for example the cost of a
hire car, public transportation to the airport, or an overnight stay to
catch an early flight). A family status employee relocating with his/her
family will receive extra allowance if his/her family mobilizes within one

We advise you not to hand in your resignation with your current employer
until all your relocation processes have been met. Once the Work Permit has
been issued, a travel date will be given to your Relocation Adviser and
flights will be booked. You’ll then receive a travel pack, with a copy of
your e-ticket, all contracts, travel information and a copy of the Work
Permit. On arrival to the United Kingdom, you’ll proceed to the immigration
area where you’ll present a completed UK Government landing card (which
you’ll receive on board your flight) and have your passport stamped. You’ll
then collect your luggage from the baggage reclaim area, and complete all
custom and baggage inspection formalities. After clearing passport control
and customs, a Company representative will meet you and take you to your
new home.

The representative will issue you a temporary identification card and
information on the local orientation that you’ll attend on the first few
days after your arrival. You will also receive a two-week orientation on
your job.

Note that your new apartment is furnished and fully serviced, so you do not
have not move with furniture. However, you may advise if you need
particular items to be arranged in your apartment. If you have any
child[ren], you will receive assistance from a special department created
to help international employees settle smoothly into the new environment.
The Lawyer will handle other areas including your flight arrangement, and
pick up. Congratulations.

If in agreement with the set out terms, kindly sign the attached letter as
your acceptance and return signed pages to us via email or fax. Kindly
place a call to me immediately the signed page is sent.

Ibrahim Arif
| Office: +44-207060-5024 Extension 3
| Mobile: +447035963689
Head, Recruitment Department
Cell: +447035965561

Fax: +44 (0)20 7900 3294
Emirates National Oil Company UK |
Lacon house, 84 Theobald road, London, WC1X 8RW U.K

Fax: +44 (0)20 7900 329 / +44 20 7900 329

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  1. Scammer & criminal

    Avoid this scammer claiming to be real company, this man is very dangerous. Avoid this company at all costs. They have been reported to the authorities.
    They will use all kinds of deceiving methods to come to you or attract you for any kind of transactions, please avoid them at all cost.
    They have links with other scammers in former communist bloc.
    They information is as follows, National D2 Diesel markets D2 globally but primarily in Europe and the United States. D2 supplies are acquired in part through long-term contracts from key-producing countries, as well as by traditional short and medium-term purchase agreements.

    Toby Beavers - Charlottesville, Virginia
    Skype: Toby.Beavers
    (434) 979-0005


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