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Harryson Emos / Next of Kin Scam

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Mrharryson Emos
Dear  Victim

How are you doing today? Hope you are fine over there in your country. 

 Thanks for your message, I want you to believes me that I m working here in the bank of African as a banking, and if you will not believe my ward, then I will like you to come down here in my country in person, so that you will go through the bank and see this fund with your eye, before we proceed in to the transaction and also I and you will see our self face to face, before the transaction will take place.   
I decided to contact you to assist me in championing this transaction after having prayed hard for this transaction and remember that none of my friends were foreigners, even if, I don’t think that I will reveal it to them because friend's are dangerous, they will not be happy when they see you planning the way of success in your life, that is why I decided to contact you with all my faith that you will not betray me And also for we to work as one body in Championing this transaction.

 I have found it necessary to give you an indebt explanation on this deal and to give you details and breakdown of the modality which we have to follow to achieve this highly beneficial success.

 I am a banker here in BURKINA FASO and in this bank I know the process to be taken officially in the bank to investigate and verify your claim and to grant you approval.

I know and I am optimistic that this business deal will uplift our financial status, it’s just for you to follow my instruction and guidelines until the fund will enter your account. I need your absolute cooperation in this great project.
You have to apply to the bank as the Owner of this fund, before the bank will transfer this fund into your bank account information immediately.
Note. Well having served this bank for so many years now and nearing my retirement, I deem it necessary to utilize  this opportunity of the present unclaimed sum of money to help myself and my family after my retirement, through the ianvestment I will establish in your country with my percentage in this transaction.
This deal will be covered with legal approvals; you will be approved officially by bank as the owner of this fund through official bank process. Your approval will further be authenticated by legal back up documents like the probate certificate. 

This business is a great deal and will need determination and great arrangement to succeed. 

Therefore, the bank will always abide by my official directions through the official authorization bestowed on me, And for this reasons you have nothing to fear as your interest and identity will be legally protected.
 The arrangement which has already been made is my underground responsibility in the bank in seeing that the whole process to be taken to achieve your approval and for the smooth transfer of your fund to your desired account is made without any conceivable hitch. 
I assure you therefore that all loopholes are covered and all obstacles removed. To remind you, this transaction is not a child's play nor a little amount involved. We are talking of a deal worth millions of United States dollars and so I will not like anybody (not even you) to spoil it for me because it had taken me years to arrive at the stage before I decided to look for a foreigner to assist me. 
 There is no doubt about your inability as the legal owner of the fund.  

Kindly send me your requested assurance information's as follows:
(1)  Your full Names…………
 (2)  Your Country……………
(2) Your company Name/IF ANY………..
(3) Your private telephone and fax numbers……..
(4) Nominated bank name…………….
(5)  Your Bank address…………….
(6) Your Age………………..
(7) Bank Swift Code/IF ANY……….
(8) Account name /Beneficiary………… 

As soon as I receive your message I will send to you the application letter which you will fill and send to the bank immediately.
Mr.Harryson Emos
+226 74 52 63 27

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