Monday, November 26, 2012


This is an obvious scam!  Why would you need to deposit $15,000 even its going to be refunded immediately?  That's ridiculous!  There is no $95 million dollars.  As soon as you deposit the $15,000 its gone.  No real bank or government official would use a free email address!  This isn't the real "Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz!

Completing The Fed Wire Clearing house Department requisite!!!
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 09:52:28 -0500
Dear sir,

Your $95Million Dollars has been transferred but you the beneficiary must pay the sum of ($15,000) Fifteen Thousand United State Dollars as refundable being payment for the processing the transferred fund from Fed Wire Clearing house into your local bank account.I know you will be surprise and wondering the reason why the volume of your fund is up to $95 million dollars.
Well I am the Executive governor of Bank Negara Malaysia and i know all the money floating around the globe, the deposit comes to ninety five million dollars because of so many transactions you have being into all over the world without success, so many of the transaction bill are under treasury department and most of this funds have not being cleared but still under your name and i put motion over the existence of your fund so that is the reason why Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth,
the Queen of England mandated the Barclay's bank in London in conjunction with Bank of England to add all your fund together and we get the real full amount to come to ninety five million united state dollars under your name please don't be surprise about this situation and please always try to follow my instructions and pay the fee so that I will immediately move to meet with you in your country to complete the full job for you and you will gain full access to your fund portfolio via bank to bank channels and also diplomatic system and all is now 100% secured. If you have more questions please give me a call on: 00-1-940 604 1843 and +(940) 448-0049 So that i will explain everything for you ok.

So you the beneficiary of the Ninety Five Million Dollars must pay the sum of $15,000usd as refundable Insurance Bond on Fed Wire and Fed ACH routing numbers between MYR currency and United state dollars the money is refundable upon immediate completion of the clearing and onward crediting of your account details

You must pay the refundable deposit of $15,000usd` which will be return to you after 24hrs your receive the full amount of your Ninety Five Million Dollars, once you pay the money today your fund will start to hit your account bit by bit into your nominated bank account after receiving your full amount of $95million, we will also refund the $15k deposit on your behalf. Please call me on the below numbers for any confirmation you need thank you.

we anticipate your urgent response to this subject matter.

Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz
Tel: + 1-940-604-1843
Tel: +(940) 448-0049
SMS to: +60 1 6244 7120

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