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Deborah Par / Goodman Khanyile / Dying Person Scam

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please kindly get back to me
Good day Dear friend,

I am Mrs. Deborah Par, from republic of Ireland, born in the state of Ohio USA. I am legally married to Mr. Goodman Khanyile a South Africa citizen born brought up in Switzerland, I live in Switzerland with my husband for 32 years before we move down to South Africa in 1985 after my husband retirement in 1974, I am 76 years old by the grace of God, I am a new Christian convert, suffering from long time cancer of the breast.
All indication from my doctor that my conditions is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that I wouldn’t live more than two months, according to my doctors and in all indication regards to medical analysis.
This is because the cancer disease has gotten to a very bad stage that no hope for me to be a living person again. My dear husband was involved with the January 2000 Kenya airways plane crashed as you can see on the news line web site.Http:// ) 40 years period of marriage life, still we could not produce any child, my late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited some part of his business and money in the bank.
The doctors has advised me that I may not live for more than one months and 2 weeks and warn me to stop thinking over who is going to inherit my money, today I have decided to donate contribute to the less privileges, charity and orphanage homes.
I made this decision after listing to the news line about 100 years old woman who secretly donate her fortune upon her death.\ I choose you after viewing your profile and I have confident in you because I have prayed. I am willing to donate the sum of $20.5million U.S Dollars, to the less privileged.
Please I want you to note that this fund is still in the bank where my husband deposited it. I am going to advice my lawyer to change my last will to your name and file in an application for the transfer of the money in your name.
lastly, I honestly pray that this money when transferred will be used for the said purpose even though I am late then or alive, because I have come to find out that wealth acquisition without God is vanity according to the wisest king in Israeli Solomon, and I made the promise to God that the fund will be use to help the needy and the less privilege.
May the grace of our lord the love of God and the fellowship of God be with you and your family, please further discussion contact me with my
Email address:
I await urgent reply.
Remain blessed
Mrs. Deborah Par

Hello my beloved Friend,

I am Glad to receive your reply, "I am speaking to you from a shattered Mind and I hope God is On going to direct us to the right part, I suggest you visit me in this hospital here to enable us build good trust on each other; I need to make you understand the truth first, to enable you have trust on me and help me build more trust on you also, I will like to meet with you to enable us build good trust foundation. I have more experience on what the I am telling you because people can be wicked, my HUSBAND family member has shattered my mind and made ​​me to understand how wicked human been can be 

My HUSBAND brother's are desperate to take over my inheritance a using Force; they want me dead because of my inheritance. It will be better I commit suicide today than watch this happen and they have claim everything my late husband left for me, the only thing remaining is the money my late husband deposited on my name and they don't know anything about the deposit otherwise I would have been dead by now because of this money. They became a big treat to me and my pastor and they have succeeded in driving all my visitor from coming to see me, My pastor stop coming because they are real desperate not to see ANYONE coming to me, is only my Doctor who is taking care of me here in the hospital day by day. Please I will like you to contact my banker with his at contact information BELOW to carry out the transfer process.  

This is my banker contact details BELOW. Contact Him immediately for more information.  


Tel + 27-83-619 1214 

Fax + 27-86-2759935. 


Contact: Mr. Richard Nkosi Ext 110 

because of the Circumstance surrounding my husband family, i Told the bank that the I have a good foreign Friend whom, can trust to follow my instruction, and all the authorized documents has been signed by me and I have fax them to the bank to carry on the transfer to any of your given account. I have told my bank about my foreign friend which is you and you are going to assist me in receiving the money and distributing it to the Charities Organization since i already made ​​up my mind to donate my fortune to Charity, and my doctor has warn me severally to take this inheritance issue off my mind completely and stop thinking about who is going to inherit me to help my Condition, this is how the I the find it right to contact you and bestowed my trust on you, please promise me that my trust bestowed on you will not be betrayed the when the money gets into your account. 

My bank is standby ready to obtain all the legal documents to transfer this fund to your account effortlessly. My banker is going to take responsibility of all the documents needed to effect the transfer, to make sure the bank release the money to any of your account. please I want this project to carry out as quick as possible, first the bank promise me they are going to make sure that my inheritance documents is change to your name as the beneficiary, so even if i die on the way, my mind will rest because the money is on your name, you will be in position to inherit my money and use the money as i have instructed. My condition is bad and becoming worst day by day, the doctor said i have only 3weeks to live; this is giving my sleepless night and making me worry too much. Please let me know if you will be able to visit me here in this hospital once the money is transfer to your account, I really want to see you in person as soon as possible because nobody knows how long I am going to stay on the I want to make sure I sign all the necessary documents needed Please Kindly Contact the banker on his contact information Above and get back to me 

the I am looking forward to hear from you again, Contact My bank now I have Told them about you, the My The number is +27-78-649-9716  
God bless you. 
Mrs. Deborah E. Par

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