Friday, May 18, 2012

ZETI AKHTAR AZIZ / Maybank / Scam Fraud

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Dear Sir,

I think I do have a good run already on this subject matter and it is time we need to get this case completed for you before Saturday or Sunday because I have lots of accumulated job in my office waiting for me to come back, please kindly pay attention to this case so that we will complete and finalize this transaction for you before I depart from New York on Monday morning latest.

Like we have stipulated earlier, your name have already being register with federal reserve authority and the international remittance department of federal reserve Bank and their clearing group have also being notified on this matter and the Federal Reserve Boss is also involved in this situation and I have done my best to get this case motorized for you just to make sure that all the documents regarding this case pass the judges counter part and certified by the international Monetary fund (IMF) as legal tender and then world Bank will also be notified officially on your behalf as well.

Please I want you to understand the fact that this case cannot continue forever, we will still need to get the your Maybank card activated directly with the Federal reserve inter switch corporation system so that the link between your card will be directly from your Bank account with Maybank New York and that will make it easier for the withdrawal to the tune of $150,000 which will be honored by any bank in the world that is the reason why this activation of your card is taken much time and money,
so your urgent attention to this effect is required, please to enable us complete the activation of your special card, just try and send all the requirement which I have explain to you in my previous communications with you and don’t forget to reconfirm your house address again so that we will include your post code into the registration system to avoid any misuse of your identity, your passport or driver license as well will be required so that we will upload your account information properly and then upgrade the registration board as well.

Kindly get back to me on this matter on: +1(315) 567 4409, so that we will discuss this matter and then make arrangement to finalize this case, please don’t joke with this matter, always understand the volume of the fund involved and you will understand that there is no other transaction that you have now that is more serious like this transaction which i have already concluded for you.
Thanks for your understanding and I will wait for your urgent response

Mrs Zeti Akhtar Aziz,
Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia

You can please call me for proper guidance and directives Tel: +1 (315) 567 4409

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