Wednesday, May 30, 2012

David Johnson / JAMES BROWN / Western Union / Fraud Scam


I write to inform you about the recent development that just took place in our office in respect of your fund. A man came from Indonesia by 12: 00pm with a power of attorney & also with $475 in respect of your fund and he said that you are the rightful person that sent him. So that is why I tried to email you so that you will tell me what to do about it. Here is the information he came with where the fund should be diverted to him.

Receiver Name: Mr. David Johnson
Address: Kemuning Ray Street NO.8 Tomang Jakarta Indonesia
Home Cell Phone: (+62) 92-24-75-846
Mobile Phone: (+62) 92-24-75-823
Office Phone: (+62) 92-55-75-806
Nationality: Indonesia
Sex: Male
Picture: Present.

Meanwhile we have contacted the ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC) and he is under their net now for investigation.Therefore we want you to get back to us with immediate effect letting us know whether you truly sent Mr. David Johnson to claim your fund.

The management of Western union have secured and the necessary documentations that are required and also sent a delegate to federal ministry of finance Rep Du Benin, You fund have been release and ready to transfer $5000 per day to your nominated address. However the only money you are required to pay now is the sum of $69 for renewing and reconfirming of your file from the presidential office, which they are requesting before the western union transfer unit will be finally release the mtcn of $5000 which they have send to you today.

Therefore what is required from you now is to let us know whether you give the power of attorney to Mr. David Johnson  the gentle man from Indonesia. If yes, write us an email so that we will get him released by the ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC) and then proceed with the transfer to his address. If no, write us an email letting us know that you do not have anything to do with Mr. David Johnson  so that we will let the ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION (EFCC) know what is going on as they are waiting to here from us what next to do.

But if you do not send Mr. David Johnson, In order to proceed with the transfer to his address you are required to go to the western union /money gram office and send us the sum of $69 today to avoid any delay with the below details, get back to us with the payment information so that we will forward it into the western union agents  to enable them pay for the file reconfirming fee and proceed the transfer of your fund today $5000 per day. Thank you for using the western union money transfer^® service
Your money transfer has been authorized, and is now available for pick up by the receiver.
Please try to go Western Union with this that I give to you for you to know that we are 100% sure that you will pick up you $5,000.00 each day

money transfer control number( m.t.c.n ):: 1536432755
senders first name:::: james
senders  last   name:::::eyora
Please use this number for all inquiries
Test question:    trust
Test answer:    honest
Date of order:     29/05/2012
Time of order:     09:40 p.m.
Amount sent:     $5,000.00
Money transfer fee:     $66.00
Total amount:     $5066

Make sure you type western then click the tracking and put the sender's first name which is
Patrick and the last name. Wilfred .so now i have raised the $69.00 that i promise you so i want you to try your best and raise the remain $69.00 today because once the money is paid today they will release the order and you will start receiving your money as from today up and make sure you track your money now and get back to me.

Receiver's Name.....Ogugua
City: Cotonou
Country:  Republic of Benin
Test Question: when
Answer: now
Amount: $69 Only
We need you to reconfirm your payment information of $69.00 f/w for you to pick up urgent $5,000.00 we sent to you today.

MTCN NUMBER:............................
SENDER NAME...................................
SENDER ADDRESS..................................
SENDER COUNTRY NAME................................

Yours in service
Western Union Boss
phone number +229-9635_4977
Financial Minister
Federal Republic of Benin

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  1. I have the same situation the the name i found them on Linkedin Mohd Khalid Ghanem is the name they want to invest in our Project but after all done they want money to an Western Union Account from David Jhonson. The second scammers name is Omar El-Kareem - They use often different emails Adresses


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