Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Williams Jefferson / Secret Shopper / Scam Fraud

   Provide the following information if you interested and we will get backYour Full Name:
We are accepting applications from qualified individuals from all-over
the world to become Secret-Shopper. There is no charge to become
a shopper and you do not need previous experience.
After you sign up, you will have access to training materials from us.
Should you interested, your wages would be US $200 per assignment.
No commitment is made on this job and you would have flexible hours.
At least 2 evaluations a week will be assigned to you because this is
a part time job and we think this job suits you. We will provide you the
money for all of your evaluations.
Money order/Payment check would be in a certain amount which you
would be required to Cash at your Bank, then deduct your salary and
have the rest used for the evaluation at the store that would be given
to you for evaluations.
shortly with an your assignment.
Your Address (NOT P.O Box):
City, State:
Phone Number:
Yours sincerely,
We are waiting your good response, Thank you.
(Candidate from USA & Europe are allowed to apply for this offer)
Williams Jefferson
Head of Recruitment
SS-Network @2012

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  1. "Strictly confidential"

    Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and
    if it might offend you without your prior consent and writing through
    this channel.

    I am Dr Williams Jeferson,The Chairman Contract Awarding committee of
    Headquarters in Lome, Togo.

    I got your contact through Network on line in my search for a reliable
    and reputable person to handle a very confidential transaction that
    involves a transfer of fund to a foreign account and I decided to
    write you.

    After discussing my view and your profile with my colleagues,they were
    very much satisfied and decided to contact you immediately for this
    mutual business relationship.We wish to transfer the sum of USD3m
    (Three Million United States Dollars only.) into your personal or
    company`s bank account.

    This fund was a residue of the over invoiced contract bills awarded by
    us for the supply of hard/softwares, phamaceauticals/medical
    items,light and heavy duty vehicles, apperals and other administrative
    logistics etc for the ECOMOG in Sierria-Leone and Liberia during the
    Peace Keeping Projects.

    This DEAL was deliberately hatched out and carefully protected with
    all the attendant lope holes sealed off. As the Chairman of CAC,I have
    the cooperation and mandate of the Financial Director and the
    Secretary of the Organization.We arranged and over invoiced the
    contract funds supplied by different companies from different
    countries during the crisis.

    It was our consensus to seek the assistance of a willing foreigner to
    provide us with the facilities to transfer this money out of West
    Africa.This is borne out of our believe in the non-stable and sporous
    political nature of this sub-region.

    The original contractors have been duely paid by the Banque Centrale
    Des Etats De L`Afrique De L`Ouest (Central Bank of the West
    AfricanStates )through our bankers-INTERNATIONAL BANK OF AFRICA (IBA)

    This balance is suspended in the escrow accounts awaiting claims by
    any foreign company of our choice.We intend to pay out this fund now
    as the organization is winding up its activities since the aim of
    returning PEACE to the countries and the coast has been achieved.

    Based on the laws and ethics of employment,we as civil servants
    working under this organization, are not allowed to operate a foreign

    This is the more reason why we needed your assistance to provide an
    account that can sustain this fund for safe keeping and our future
    investment with your comprehensive advise,assistance and partnership
    in your country.

    It is however agreed,as the account owner in this deal to allow you
    30% of the entire sum as compensation, 65% will be held on trust for
    us while 5% will be used to defray any incidental charges and cost
    during the course of the transaction.

    This transaction will be successfully concluded within 14 days if you
    accord us your unalloyed and due cooperation.You should provide the

    YOUR NAME............
    YOUR HOME ADDRESS.........
    YOUR AGE....................
    TELEPHONE NUMBER..............

    Upon the receipt of this information's,i will forward them to the
    organization for ratification and subsequent payment.

    As with the case of all organized (sensitive) and conspired DEALS,we
    solicit for your unreserved confidentiality and utmost secret in this
    business. We hope to retire peacefully and leave a honorable business
    life afterwards,there are no risks involved.

    You can reach me through my private phone for more details. Thanks
    while i look forward to your positive reply.

    With regards,
    tel: +22897321578,
    Dr Williams Jeferson.
    Email: ecowascontractawardingdept@yahoo.com


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