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This is a fake job scam! There is no job! Do not send documents or money! Read Why Most Emails Offering Jobs Are Scams! and Never Wire Money to Strangers! 

If you are not interviewed face to face, in person, the job offer is Always a scam!
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1st Mail:

Thanks for your reply regarding our advert post for skilled workers, below are the terms and conditions of the company,
Please find the attached file for your application form. You should print it out, fill it and sign it, and send a copy back to us, you should read carefully the below terms and conditions before filling the form. While filling the form applicant must have the following requirement.

. A valid international passport
. Contact Home Address
. Valid Email Address and Phone Number

We grant single application and family applications, free tickets to Canada and free accommodation for one month here in Canada to all successful applicants after which we shall arrange apartment for every successful international applicants.

Note: Adexec Engineering Company is a newly equipped company and cannot afford any looses from any applicant so on no account this company will not shoulder any traveling expenses of successful international applicant relating to visa and work permit papers processing fee in applicant's country, we can only support applicants with travel air-ticket to Canada from country of applicant, while all successful international applicants will be responsible for any visa charges in his/her respected countries.
The work Environment will be within the work metropolis of Adexec factory, each successful international applicant will be entitle to a monthly basic salary of: $3,500:00 CAD (Three Thousand Five Hundred Canadian Dollar) after tax. Wardrobe Allowance: $2,000 CAD (Yearly), Entertainment & Recreation: $500.00 CAD (Monthly), Travel & Events: $700.00 CAD (Monthly).

Applicants will be entitled to a one months paid home leave which can be taken once at a time or twice apart from one different period and you will also receive $2000.00 CAD take home for each leave Period.
The company will provide a single bedroom apartment to all international applicant for the first month of his/her arrival in Canada while applicants who are willing to travel with their family should inform the company at the earliest for better arrangement.

Once you agree with the terms and conditions of the company, you are to immediately print the job application form, fill it as required sign it and send a copy beck to us along with the scan copy of your international passport data page and your passport photograph, download the attached file to see the job application form.

We wait to hear from you soon:
With warm regards.

Mr. Alexandre C├ędric

2nd Mail:

Development & Recruitment Coordinator
Human Resources Department
Adexec Engineering Company
658 Colby Drive Waterloo,
Ontario, Canada
Tel: (347) 348 0876
Fax: (627) 822 1009

18 MAY 2012

Hence, Adexec Engineering Company Canada seeks to employ your service as a Professional for the provision of professional service as stipulated in the following Acts in this Letter. This Letter embodies the approved terms for the purpose of this contract:

With reference to your earlier forwarded application and resume for job engagement with relations to the ADEXEC ENGINEERING COMPANY CANADA, the management hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence based on detailed recruitment information obtained by the management/recruitment department and as also seen and disclosed in your employment application form on which your placement was based on without any form of oral interview from the company management

Your Further Appointment details are as follows:
Full Name:
Designation: Office Assistant
Your Salary Package: $3,500 CAD monthly (After tax) with allowances
Job Location: Ontario Canada
Job Reference No: ADXECONC/XL0001TQ/NY201204EEE
Contract Duration: Five years
Your Job Resumption Date: You shall be expected to resume duty on the date of 09 July 2012
You are to report immediately to the Human Resource Manager (Mr Alexandre) upon arrival to conclude prospects of orientation and other logistics.

Your hard copies of contract details has been sent to the office of the processing officer in charge of your Canadian work permit and visa, this is to help the respected officer facilitate and process your work permit and visa fast, as with your details it will be easy for the respected officer to give you more attention and to confirm your identity and will expedite the process.
We are expecting you to start your work permit and visa process immediately upon confirmation of this Employment Letter and once your work permit and visa is issue your Air ticket from your country to Canada will be sent to your directly by the Management through DHL courier services.
Payment of one month benefit is also geared towards making sure that all employees have enough money in his/her savings as the Canadian Expatriates Financial Statutory Law would demand (CEFSL).

You shall be required to furnish us (ADEXEC ENGINEERING COMPANY) with your Canadian work permit and visa on or before 18 June 2012
as a proof of readiness to join the company project team in the due time as stipulated above for your job resumption and also to enable you receive your flight ticket on time.
However for employees who do not presently posses their work permit and visa may lead to cancelation of contract.

We had a discussion with the Canadian Embassy in your country India and a reliable and respected officer has been choosen to handle your application for work permit and visa so you are advise to contact the respected officer immediately with details below for directive and assistance on the acquisition of your papers.

Note: You are responsible for Visa fees that are required for the process of your Visa in your Country, while Adexec Engineering Company Canada is responsible for your air-ticket, as we cannot pay for Visa for applicant that are not actually ready to travel to avoid unwanted loss of company finance. If you are satisfied with the details of this contract, be serious to secure your Visa and work permit as soon as possible and let us know once your visa is issue, to enable us book your flight ticket after you might have send us your Visa copy.

Canadian Consulate General, Chandigarh.
Contact Person: Mr. Stewart Beck
Official Post: High Commissioner
Personal Number: 0091 8867594980
Personal Email:
Office Address: Canadian Consulate General
SCO 54-55-56, Sector 17 A
Chandigarh 160017 India.

Be sure to submit the following to the Canadian Embassy Officer, copies of your Contract Documents has been forwarded to the Embassy for Visa Approval.
*Your Full Name:
*Current Address:
*Country of Residence and Nationality:
*Your Mobile no:
*Job Ref No:


We look forward to welcoming you here in Canada.

Mr. Alexandre Cedric
Human Resources Manager
Adexec Engineering Company
Ontario Canada

3rd Mail: (On saturday 19/05/12, i had sent a mail to Mr Stewart Beck. After seeing my mail, he replied back on monday morning by 9.56am and also called me from his personal mobile and confirmed the details from me as follows)



Greetings from the Consulate General of Canada, Chandigarh.
This email confirmed that your file information for five years working visa/permit was received from ADEXEC ENGINEERING COMPANY CANADA, and all legal documents from your company has been equally received, an Instant action of the processing will start immediately.
You will be needing an employment visa and work permit to enable you work and live freely in Canada.
The processing of your application will take only 10 working days from the date of application to get your visa and work permit and i will inform you when you have to come to the office along with the hard copy of your international passport for visa and permit stamping on your passport, do get back to me with the below documents in order to hasten your application.

Kindly download the attached file to see the visa application form and family information form, fill it as directed.

Here are the required documents needed for your application:

1: Scan Copy Of Your International Passport (DATA PAGE)
2: Scan Copy Of Your Passport Photograph With White Background (2)
3: Marriage Certificate (If Any)
4: Birth Certificate
5: Evidence Of Your Current Employment
6: Medical Certificate

The above listed documents has to be send to me as soon as possible via scanning for further process of your application.
All other documents for the processing has been received from your company which i will hand over to you in person.
All Documents will be process here in the Consulate General of Canada, Chandigarh for approval after which i will book your appointment with the office and inform you when you have to come for your visa. Your Flight Ticket will be send directly to you by your company.

Reversals : This method of application can not be cancelled.

Status : Pending - Some Documents Required.


Mr. Stewart Beck
High Commissioner
Consulate General of Canada,
+91 8867594980

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