Saturday, May 26, 2012


Congratulations Applicant

************** You* have been employed to work in our company branch in CAMEROON as* Survey assistant* after assessing and carrying out references on your*curriculum vitae (cv).*Download the Employment contract* sent to you in* this email containing the terms of work and remunerations.Your monthly salary will be 14.000 USD*You are required to give your* best for the company as*stated in your* curriculum vitae in order to maintain your position.
**Accommodation:Your accommodation during the first (2) months of work will be your responsibility And after this period of one (2) month,the company will give you an appartment in the company`s building.** The company will take care of your flight ticket .*********** Please confirm your acceptance of this offer*and provide the following additional documents:forward the contract form to us via email, after receiving and signing it with the scan copy of the index-page of your passport, your medical booklet and a receipt of accommodation reservationin CAMEROON .*-Proof of accommodation: You book an apartment or room in any state-owned company recognized for rentals in Cameroon and forward the receipt to us as proof of accommodation reservation.We generally recommend Novotel star hotel/ Apartment Rentals In cbecause of its proximity to our workplace,its comfort and security and because it currently houses most of our international workers.You can contact them because the company needs your receipt of accommodation and other documents mentioned above as soon as possible in order to* process your flight documents and send them to you soyou can come here and start working.Here is their address below;
Address, street 172, nlongkak, Yaounde ,Cameroon
Tel : 0023722701194***
All documents must be sent as soon as possible, all of which are relevant for the processing of the visa and work permit.** After receiving these documents, we will send them to the Cameroon immigration office here for the processing of your* visa and work permit.***
The Cameroon immigration office requests at least one (2) months proof of accommodation for foreign workers in Cameroon before issuing the visa and work permit.Also note that you have to send us your documents as soon as possible because you are required to start Work with us here in 3 weeks time.*A one month advanced salary shall be paid to you upon arrival to help you cover some of your immediate cost.*You are required to comply with the terms and conditions of your contract form sent to you.*Our dedicated team is here to advise you on any Preoccupations.We are pleased to welcome you to the Company.?

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  1. Olá neste momento tudo o que está discrito acima aconteceu comigo e estão a pedir para enviar o pagamento do hotel (novotel apartments rentals)se confirmará ser a mesma fraude pois estava interessado em trabalhar em CAMARUON,visto isto não merece rebater a situação, obrigado pela informação.


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