Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paul Wellstone / JOE MARKY / Scam Fraud

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your message and are you ready to help me get this fund transfer into your account or not? I am extremely happy for you. Well, I contacted you for us to make the best use of this business, because this is all that I have depended since all my life’s time, so if you would want to do this transaction with me, you have to take this at a high priority and be serious with me.

I want to assure you straight away that this transaction is 100% risk/hitch free why because before i contacted you i have perfected strategies that will guarantee a smooth and hitch free transaction principally because of my position in this bank. Actually i got your contact through one of my best friend who is working under Burkina chambers of commerce. so you should be impressed by how i got your information ok, also you should not have any atom of fear on this transaction because i will be here to back up as pioneer of this transaction and feeding what ever any information that you may need.

Like you saw in my proposal letter this money has been laying in this bank after the death of the owner who is a foreigner here in this country Burkina Faso and unfortunately the customer died along with his entire family in 31 July, 2002 in a plane crash.

And since then all efforts to get across to his relatives proved abortive and since then this money has been in a dormant account. As soon as this deceased died, 31 July, 2002,BOA made a thorough search asking his next of kin to come down here in Burkina Faso and claim his fund that laid with them, but nobody came up to claim the fund.

That's why i contacted you to claim this fund since MR.PAUL WELLSTONE, has no relation who will claim his fund. Don’t say that you are not his relation, because not relating to him makes no meaning, you must not be a blood relation before you become next of kin to somebody. And i am assuring you that this is a legal Transaction, so you should not be afraid of anything because you are now the only next of kin to MR.PAUL WELLSTONE.

As i have earlier informed stated, you must keep absolute secrecy of this transaction before and after this fund arrived your account for security purposes. I will be monitoring the whole transaction on your behalf here in Burkina Faso until you confirm the fund in your account successfully. Once the approval for payment is granted by BOA officials this total fund will be transferred into any of your nominated bank accounts and as soon as this is done i will come down to your country with my family to see the investment climate there.

Moreover, as soon as this transaction is over all documents relating to the account of the deceased customer will be destroyed and the records in our computer system will be totally deleted to ensure that even if in the next one million years no body will ever have any reason to remember this account again. There will be no problem for you once you follow my advice. There will be problem if you did not keep this transaction secret. Don’t say that i did not inform you in time.

Furthermore, without wasting much time, below is the text of application which you will fill in at the spaces provided with your personal information’s and submit to the BOA Bank. It will be of a great joy that you co-operate fast because, if you send the application immediately, it will take the bank 4-5 days to transfer the fund into your account. I want to let you know that I contacted you for this business based mainly on trust and sincerity of mind; I need your assurance that you will not betray me when this fund finally entered your account. It is of very important that I know everything about you, the type of work that you do, married or not etc. As i earlier informed you, I am an auditing Manager working in Bank Of Africa, here in Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso. I married with 3 children, 1 boy with 2 girls.

Please fill the application and apply to the Bank immediately. Please call me after you have applied to the bank as i instructed you so that i will start monitoring the whole transaction here in Burkina Faso on your behalf. Don’t call bank for now because they may ask you some questions about MR.PAUL WELLSTONE which i know that you won't be able to answer. I will instruct you on when you should start calling bank, Just do as i advised you to avoid any implications or problems for us.

Finally, I will resign and come to your country once you confirmed the total fund in your account. I will use my own share of the fund to establish a company in your country with your assistance. Please remember to keep this transaction very secret as i earlier informed you, this is the most important thing you should do for our betterment. Meanwhile,be informed that 4.6Million Dollars is your share for all efforts while 6.9Million Dollars would be for me at the End of the Transfer of Funds.
Thanks and be blessing including your family.

MR.Omar Ahmed .

The Director of Operations
Foreign Remittance Division
International Bank Of Africa (BOA)
Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso.
Fax: 00226-50-32-72 18.
Bank E-mail :
Bank E- mail :

Dear Sir, Official Letter of Claim

Account Holder: Late Mr. Paul Wellstone . Current Account #:011976421134

I, Mr...................... and from......................... acting as the only next of kin to Late Mr.Paul Wellstone herewith forward this Letter of Claim requesting you to transfer to my bank account herewith stated the funds deposited in your Reputable bank as follows:-

Account Holder: Late Mr. Paul Wellstone
Account Number: 011976421134
Currency Type: USA DOLLARS.
Account Type: Current Account.

Having introduced myself to you, I therefore request you to follow up the release of the funds, into my stated bank details below as it is due for payment.

Intended Beneficiary: MR.
Country of Origin:
Passport No:
Marital Status:
Mobile Phone Number
Home Phone Number:
Alternative Email Address:
Bank Name:
Bank Address
Bank Fax Number:
Bank Account Number:
Bank Account Name:
Account Swift Code:

I humbly apologize for this late request due to i have been arranging other unstabilized things left behind since his sudden death occured.I will appreciate if you will act accordingly to the release of the fund and thanking you in anticipation.


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