Thursday, April 12, 2012

Williams Ford / FREE LOTTO EMAIL PROMO / Scam Fraud

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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2012 11:19:08 +0100


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Ref: TFR/9900034943/JPT
Batch: FR/45-300-07
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Claims Processed On Behalf Of WINNER

We are in receipt of your mail and Once again Congratulations on emerging as one of our lucky award winners! FREE LOTTO EMAIL PROMO OFFICE offers awards to Lucky owners of selected emails that came out in our Random Draws. You have therefore been approved to go ahead and claim your funds which amounts to $2,000,000.00 (Two Million United State Dollars).

This sum is gathered from our Sponsors consisting of over 100,000 websites and association. You can click on the website link below to view the photo page of some of our recent lucky winners :// ThisWeeksWinners.asp

As you already know, your email address was randomly selected along with others from over 100,000 websites on the internet. Each email address was attached to a ticket number. Your email address  was selected along others as winners.

A certificate of prize claims and some vital documents will be sent along side your winnings cheque. The documents to be sent are; Winning cheque,Winners Certificate and Certificate Of Lodgement.

Contact our Affiliate Delivery department with the contact information below for futher instructions on how to send the consignment to your location.

Find below the contact information of the delivery Agent for your immediate action.
============================== =====
Handling Agent: Rickky Howard
CityLink Express Courier Services.
Unit 11, Ashford Industrial Estate,
Shield Road, Ashford, Middx,
TW15 1AU, London, United Kingdom.
Mobile number: +44 7440540648
Fax: +44-707-113-311. / +44 707 113311
============================== =======
Have it in mind that your won prize cannot be deducted from , this is because the total amount has been insured to the real value . This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the national gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds. Its is imperative that you add your IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS{CPEL/OWN/9876}as the subject of any correspondence with the delivery department to ensure they respond in a timely manner. I will require a concise update on proceedings with the firm as soon as you are in contact with them.If you need any assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to let me know and you are also advised to keep your winning strictly confidential until your winning is processed and received by you. This is to avoid double claiming which could lead to disqualification.

Accept our congratulations.

Fiduciary Agent,
Mr.Williams Ford

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