Thursday, April 26, 2012

Angela P. Anderson / Scam Fraud

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"Mrs.Angela P. Anderson" (

I am so impressed to receive your mail. Regarding my interest to invest in your company,what i mine is to partner with you and hand over everything to you, I don't have any particular area to invest on, because i and my son do not have any experience on business.

Actually, i would have wanted us to meet or even discuss on phone first, but due to the condition of things where we are staying now, it is not safe for me to talk this matter on the phone. However, I am confiding in you and i want you to reassure me that you will not disappoint me or betray my trust after i have released all details about me and the funds to you.

The amount involved is US$26M. Meanwhile, let me explain some of the situation surrounding me here and the reason why i want to make this urgent investment. I and my son was granted asylum by the Estonia government after my husband was arrested along side with Charles Taylor the former president of Liberia before they took them to the world court in Hague, Netherlands. We have been in Estonia for sometime now, but i was surprise when some delegates from Estonia government came and told me that i should surrender all the documents i have with me, as they said their reason of collecting the document from me is for me not to travel and see my husband until Liberian Government finish with their investigation to my husband's family.

Presently, we have a fixed deposit account with a bank in Ghana where we deposited some of the funds that my husband made from Diamond proceeds with Charles Taylor, and it is the only money that is left for me and my son now, which is US$26M, we want to invest with you as our foreign business partner. Now, the Estonia Government has taken all the documents that i had with me and they are now compelling me to tell then all our access and i can not do that because  Liberia government may seize the money.

One of my main reason for contacting you is because they have restricted our movement within the premises where they kept us, as you can see how bad the situation is, you are the only hope we have to secure and invest the funds, they have equally taken our mobile phones from us and they said we should use the telephone at their protocol and security office whenever we want to make or receive calls here,

So please, I need your help, Eco Bank Ghana will transfer the funds, and then you can invest it there. Please, i really need your understanding and co-operation in this important and urgent matter.

Warm regards,

Mrs. Angela Anderson.

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