Saturday, April 7, 2012

GENEVA KIKANA / ZETI AKHTAR AZIZ / Bank Negara Malaysia / Scam / Fraud

Subject: Reason for Moving Your Fund From Bank Negara Malaysia to Maybank New York With the Help of my friend who is the Bank President/CEO!!!!!!!
From: Bank Negara Malaysia (
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2012 16:19:07 +0100 (BST)Dear Sir,

I have a very big arrangement like I told you with my friend who is the president/ceo of Maybank New York that we want to use to achieve this success and we have being working to move the fund into Maybank New York with my intimate friend who is the Maybank President and now he have succeed in doing that already, please kindly get back to me on this serious case so that we can discuss on how diligently to be transferring this fund out from the Maybank via Maybank New York online access and we also have issued Maybank New York cards on your name and we will also plan on how to send you

the cards which is a special cards and in this cards you will be receiving daily $150,000 per day from this cards from Maybank New York and the Account checkbook will be issued and send to you and the US Passport arrangement just to backup this New account for you is now ready, what is remaining now is for our contact in Home office to scan in the picture of your passport photograph into the system and then legalize everything for you, please also make sure you arrange the fees required as quick as possible so that we can achieve great success and

I am going to bring all the documents to meet you in your office and deliver everything for you which is more important to this transaction. And you are aware that we have emerge the fund together before we move the fund into Maybank New York on your name now with my friend contacts and serious connection so that there will be no tresses left on this case and now the total fund laying under your name in Maybank New York Dollar account number as follows which is special account number:

in your US account Loan account in Maybank New York here in United State is now grand total of ($5,000,000.00) Five Million United State Dollars is now your current account balance with Maybank New York under your name and the account number under your name is: 000911026xxx-345.

The main reason why we move your funds to Maybank New York is because Maybank New York is small bank that deals with individual and my bossom friend is the Bank President and CEO in this bank and it is more easier for your fund to be transfer out from Maybank New York to your bank in your country because we normally use this bank to move fund outside united state as professionals and there will be no authority interceptions. I have done my best to manage all I can in getting all the necessary arrangement in place,

and all the documents will be sent to you via over night mails after you complete the last and final official fees which will needed to get the remaining documents together for you, please make necessary arrangement for this so that once we get the funds cleared as you can see that I have already fulfill my promise of getting your fund to Maybank New York, we will then make arrangement to start transferring bit by bit to you as you which, please try every possible means to manage the final fees so that we will get this case resolved for you because I have done my job well and the fund in questions is millions of dollars to the tune of ($5,000,000.00)

For security reasons and base on the facts that this transactions is not public noted to all the officers in Maybank New York, Please do not disclose this important details information’s to anybody no matter the circumstances especially other members of Maybank New York, that means my friend will be in trouble for trying to help you because he is the only one that knows that you are not present during the time of this deposit.

Called me to confirm you do receive this serious and crucial message because there is no time and let me know the time you are sending the fee because I have try my best to make sure I continue to help you in achieving this great goal and to also see that we get this transaction completed for you because this case is serious and the volume of the money involved is a lots so you must pay attention to this matter and lets get this case resolved once and for all. Thanks for continuing having confidence and understanding in me and I promise to remain honest till the end of this transaction

Thanks and God Bless You


The Governor,
Bank Negara Malaysia
Tel: 00-1-(315) 755-5789

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