Monday, April 30, 2012

Susan Morehead/ World Bank Auditors / Scam Fraud

Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 16:01:43 +0100
From: Ms susan moorehead (
We the public information centre of World Bank Auditors have gotten serious
report regarding your outstanding payment which is still pending base on the
international communities inability to fulfill their full job obligation in
regards to the international requirement in the past, base on their failure to
deliver your payments to you because of their Unprofessionalism, we the
public information centre World Bank have decided to use our professional
understanding with the International communities over your payment.
After our full studied of your payment file which we finally understand that
the officers who is claiming to have being helping you from : West Africa
Nigerian, Benin, south Africa, Senegal Ghana and London including the federal
reserve officers, they are all corrupt, they have taken full advantage of you
by asking you for so many payments because they don't understand how to handle
this situation for you. which is fully unprofessional and because of Un
professionalism they cannot achieve this goal.

We public information centre World Bank is now responsible to make sure we pay
this money to you within the duration of 104 hours from the first day you
response to this important message and development, i want you to understand
that all the officers you have being dealing with all this time have fail to
help you complete this transaction because they cannot handle your matter the
way we handle it because we are the only people in-charge of this matter now
and you must not disclose this golden opportunity to anyone whom you have
being dealing with in the past and you must seize any further communication
with them or any arrangement made by those parties because we are fully
in-charge of this payment to you and we have 104 hours to achieve this goal
with many methods of payments as follows:

Mode of Payment

1. Via Our Online Banking Service which we will allow you to sit in your
house with your computer to access your account balance Online and also allow
you to make withdrawals from your account with World Bank which we are going
to open for you free of charge-your opening balance will be part payment of
your fund which will be ($36,000,000.00)
2. We can also open up our New Payment technology for you which is called
(TELEPHONE BANKING SERVICE) this telephone banking service can only be handle
over the telephone which will allow you to make withdrawals from your account
and view your balance and even transfer money from your Account with World
Bank which we are going to open for you and then transfer to your local
account of your residence.

3. We can as well make wire transfer upon your request from your account with
World Bank, to your local account Upon your Request because we are going to
maintain the user-age of that account for you as your offshore account which
will be available for you 24 hours service without income tax.
The Choice is now yours to make, we are now waiting for your Urgent response
so that we can commerce action without any-further delay.
Lets us know the payment mode you prefer among this three payment status.


Cc:Public information centre World Bank
Mr. Vinod Thomas
Director General, Independent Evaluation Group, The World Bank
Tel: 00 41 225180053

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