Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Scammer impersonating Joseph Lau / ceehkmail.com

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Sender: ceo@ceehkmail.com
Subject: =?utf-8?B?UmU6IEludmVzdG1lbnQgUHJvamVjdCBGdW5kaW5n?=
From: "Joseph Lau" (ceo@ceehkmail.com)
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Dear Partner,

Thank you for your quick response to my mail. Let me introduce myself properly, with a bit more information in addition to what was previously sent to you, I am Mr.Joseph Lau from Hong Kong,Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chinese Estate Group.Please preview company website for your perusal:http://www.chineseestates.com/cht/page/group+profile/board+of+directors/chinese+estates+holdings+limited.aspx

Like I wrote in my first letter, I am keen on investing in a lucrative, calculated viable business, either by partnership or as a financier, your business proposal must be properly packaged and presented with all details for me to approve and possibly invest. Note that I am in need of this joint venture for profit, with your capability, I will welcome any profitable business plan/proposal (Long or short term). I will be willing to invest independently. I am a sincere and straight forward individual when it comes to business. I am truly interested in making an anonymous investment of Fifty Million United States Dollars to One Billion United States Dollars but with a very good business plan arrangement and trust, I am ready to increase or reduce the investment sum to meet with the required amount, provided you will guarantee good returns for my investments.

I have mapped out a transaction time table for this deal and will be making the investment funds available to you via my banking co-ordinates. I have a very good relationship with all my bank officials and I believe every transaction of ours shall pass through legal regulatory means, at the moment, I think it would be more convenience for us to pursue all detailed business correspondence via this email before a possible face to face meeting in a location I will nominate for the final sealing of the business, signing of all contract documents and proper hand over of the fund to you. This is so because I do not want my assistants to access any information concerning this transaction at the moment as I am not always around. I have equally informed my financial broker and agent and all bank officials involved for proposal business collaboration for the release of the funds.

I shall appreciate it if you keep this business discrete and maintain the up most confidentiality of this business, due to my reputation and regulations binding most influential like me from investing outside our country due to the reasons of sponsorship of terrorism coupled with the growing sentiment against the west at home, I find it necessary to diversify my investments, to safe guard against the future. It is true that this is a big risk but I am going to take it trusting you to be as honest as I think in God's name.

I advise you to send copies of business plans/proposals across to me. Afterwards, I shall get back to you with a working agreement that will guide this transaction, looking forward to a good and profitable business relationship with you.

NOTE: My word is my BOND and I always keep to what I say. I hope you are equal a person of honor. I will be looking forward to meeting with you sooner or later.

My warmest regards to your family,
Mr.Joseph Lau.

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