Saturday, May 18, 2013

Shell Fake Lottery Scam

46 Bush Road, Off Stamford
line PE92YP, London
England, United Kingdom
Tell: + 447010059432
                                                       WINNER NUMBER: 6
We the SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY MANAGEMENT WORLDWIDE are pleased to inform you today that your email id has emerged as a winner of our 4th Quarter SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY INTERNATIONAL E-MAIL PROMOTIONAL AWARD PROGRAM conducted in UNITED KINGDOM on the 16th of May 2013.
It is very pertinent to let you note that your E-mail address was attached as the  WINNER NO 6, with serial number: 7741137002 and drew to the lucky numbers: 6-9-11-33-36-49-29, Batch No: 744RT/spdc/UK which consequently won in the 4th lottery category.  You have therefore been approved for lump sum amount of Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds (£500,000.00.GBP) in cash which is credited to file REF NO: spdc_475061723/10D6.
This awarded fund is from the total prize money of $47,000,000.00 United State Dollars programmed to be shared among the Fourth international winners in this 2013 category D promo program.
All participants in this program were selected randomly through worldwide Computerized e-mail Ballot System, drawn from approximately 85,000,000 internet users from all global search engines. Your e-mail address was picked by the automated Computerized Ballot System, which was basically programmed for this randomized anonymous e-mail selection.
However, this has eventually qualified you for the Winning. This promotional program takes place annually, and it is promoted and sponsored by SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY and its affiliated Companies, with support from British/European corporate companies and organizations to encourage the use of Internet and computers worldwide and in every nook of the entire globe . In view of this, your prize award of (£500,000.00.GBP) would be released to you by Our Prize Payment Processing Officer (Dr.Kelvin) who will commence immediately with the processes to facilitate the release of your won prize with our affiliated bank here in UK were your fund is deposited in a temporal account as soon as you contact him for the claim of your lucky prize.
You are to keep your reference and batch numbers (confidential) and from the public, until you have received your cash prize. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double and counter claim, and to avoid the act of scamming/hacking people of their reference number and award prizes.
You are advised to contact our Prize Processing Officer by means of e-mail or phone  via  below  contact info, and also reach him through the below attached number to confirm your winning modalities and its release.
Award Prize Processing Officer,
Office of the Prize Payment Authority,
Tell: +447010059432 (Call to verify your Winning and claim procedure)
While contacting Dr.Kelvin for your fund payment, you are required to furnish him with the following details for the issuance of your AWARD WINNING CERTIFICATE/ FUND DISBURSEMENT (PAYMENT):
(1) Full Name
(2) Present Location/Country
(3) Date of Birth (Day/ Month/Year)
(4) Occupation
(5) Home/Mobile Phone Number
(6) Reference and Batch Numbers
(7) Nationality
(8) Sex
(9) Address
Note: All prize money must be claimed not later than two weeks of notification. All unclaimed funds on or before the stipulated date scheduled for the promo claim will be returned as Unclaimed Prize back to SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Treasury Account, please be aware that our Paying Authority will effect Payment Swiftly upon satisfactory Report, Verifications and validation provided by our prize processing officer, Dr.Kelvin.
In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please we implore you to always quote your reference and batch numbers in all correspondences with our payment officer.
Congratulations once more, from the entire Management and Staff of SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY to all our lucky winners of this year draw.
Robert Montgomery
Chairman, Board of Directors
Dr.Tom Mohr
Dr.Mrs Hilary Schneider
Lottery Co-coordinator
Mrs. Sue Clark-Johnson
Financial Secretary
Prize Processing Officer.

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