Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mr. Leen Nwake Peter / Scam Fraud

There is no money!  Read:
Thanks very much for your prompt response, I have received your mail and the content therein was well received with so many appreciations, Okay let me trust you and take your word as you said that you will pay me back my money once you receive your first payment today, therefore I am given you a promise that you will never regret knowing me in your life, as you have said that you will pay me back after you received your first payment today.
I have only $97.00 Usd with me right now to help you with it, and I want to use this small opportunity to inform you that it still remain only $43.00 to complete it and as you know that the cost of the needed fees both activation/transfer fee is $140.00 So I want you to try your possible best to come up with the remain $43.00 today to enable us complete the needed fee then before 12:30Pm your local time you will receive your first payment of $6000.00 United State Dollars.
I would have come up with the complete $140 but I am short of Funds at this moment because of my daughter's illnesses and I spent a lot of money at the hospital, So I will advice you to try and raise this remain $43.00 and remit it to me as soon as possible today to enable us finalize the transfer of your first payment today. Your first payment information for the $6000.00 will send to you once I confirm the payment of this needed $43 from you this afternoon.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with me immediately you read this message together with the Western Union payment information once you are through with the transfer of the reaming 43 Dollars because I can say that it’s the only thing holding your first payment now not to be release to you today and I am given you assurance that you will receive your first payment within 45munits once I confirm the payment of this $43 dollars from you
Remember that we will make the payment two times a day, once in morning while the other will come to you in the evening time. Until your total sum of $950.000.00 (Nine Hundred And Fifty Thousand United State Dollars ) is transfer to you completely.
You advice to transfer to payment to our cashier account details:
Receiver:....Mr. Leen Nwake Peter
Country:.....Benin Republic
Answer:...... Before 12:30Pm
Mr. LARRY AKA +22997368564

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