Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ocean Majestic Cruise / Fake Job Scam Fraud

This is a fake job scam.  Only scammers use UK forwarding numbers.  Read: www.scam-telephone-numbers.tk and www.scam-job-emails.tk

Ocean Majestic Cruise.
56 Barker Street,
London, W1U 8EW, UK

Dear Applicant,

We would like to use this medium to congratulate you and also to inform you that you have been selected as one of the lucky applicants to be employed in this year's recruitment. We have opened an employment file with reference number 253/WTR/2013 in your name. After going through your CV and your electronic interview, we found that you will be able to handle the position of a Waiter with salary amount of £3,000 (Great British Pounds) per month. The destination is always from London to France, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Wales, USA, etc. You will be sailing through Europe to the Caribbean as a Waiter.

As a notice of your employment, we have attached your EMPLOYMENT LETTER for you to sign at the Cabin Crew Signature space (located at the bottom of your employment letter) and return to us.

We hope you will focus on your employment, if not kindly let us know now before you sign any contract agreement with us.

See Attachment also for Terms of Employment and Details of our Vessel.

However, to complete your employment, you will have to meet the legal requirement of the United Kingdom as a foreign employee by obtaining your MMD/Z-Card and ICC document. The MMD / Z-Card (Merchant Mariner's Document) and ICC (International Certificate of Competence) are the documents required of you before you can work in any Luxurious Cruise Ship or Yacht that is sailing to the any part of the world from London, UK. It is the British Law that all foreign workers must obtain their MMD/Z-Card and ICC document before their employment will be approve by law. In order to obtain your MMD/Z-Card and ICC document, kindly contact Mr. Jonathan Green of the BRITISH OPERATION AGENCY who will be assisting you with the procurement of your 2 years MMD/Z-Card and ICC document by sending him an email at british_operationagency@london.com or call +44701 294 6795. (Also, include a signed copy of the employment letter in your email that you will be sending to THE BRITISH OPERATION AGENCY as evidence).

Let us know as soon as the Agency notifies you about the MMD / Z-Card and ICC document readiness so that we can make preparation for your travel expenses and safe landing to London.


Please go through terms and conditions attached to this email before signing Employment Letter and contacting the BRITISH OPERATION AGENCY.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and hope to work with you in the future as an OCEAN MAJESTIC CRUISE Staff. Also, we will be expecting the signed employment letter by you anytime soon as a sign of acceptance of the employment we have offered you.


Mr. Leon Geoffrey
+44703 191 0836
Recruiting Officer
Ocean Majestic Cruise.

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