Monday, May 6, 2013

Abby Investment Corp

BEWARE of Mark Rejniak, aka Marek Rejniak, a FRAUDSTER who “trades” with a fictitious company called “Amerex Investment Corporation” and has dealings with Abby Investment Corp. He does NOT work for the Federal Reserve, nor the CIA (with his little CIA badge…), he is not a licensed investment manager and anything else he has told you I would view with skepticism.
He has a bunch of fraudulent documents portraying himself as the High Yield Investment Project (HYIP) manager and he will tell you he works for the Federal Reserve. You can view a copy of these documents on my website, just follow the link attached.

He also works with Ms. Alicia Milner of Los Angeles and has associations with Abbey Investment Corporation that is also a highly irregular “company”.

Mark Rejniak was recently involved in a €100 million scam that was uncovered relatively early by British Police whereby they have managed to recover €88 million before it disappeared completely. The unwitting company was All Seas, run by Edward Heerema of Holland. It is a complex case of deceit and money trails through numerous banks, much like a Hollywood movie only this is real.
Mark Rejniak has defrauded myself of $240,000 in 2007 and has been stringing me along ever since. I am seeking him out now so if anyone reading this post knows of his whereabouts, please contact me. This fraud has cost me the initial $240,000, plus over $40,000 in legal fees, $130,000 in interest and I have forfeited a house. On top of this, my relationship of 21 years has collapsed following my wife’s breakdown due to the stress of this loss and its costs to us.

So be aware, Mark Rejniak, aka, Marek A. Rejniak is a fraudster and a con man and I urge anyone even remotely considering dealing with Mark Rejniak or any of his associates, to turn around and run away. Please be warned.

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