Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Dear sir,

Please always call me on this new united states phone number because is quiet better for you to reach me here because the number is a new number and we need to talk and get this case resolved, please give me a call on  +1 9406031354.

I am just wondering the reasons behind your non compliance to my advises at this conclusive stage. Why have you choosing to frustrate my efforts of securing your funds? I abandoned my official duties and devoted my precious time just to ensure that I secure these funds on your behalf, yet you cannot follow a simple instruction that will enable us achieve our aims towards this arrangements.

I am totally disappointed with you over your failure and non compliance, and if care is not taken, we will loose these whole funds because of this remaining $750 So therefore, I urge you to comply immediately by sending this remaining balance now before I will abandon this project and return back to my country of residence to perform my official duties.

I wait your compliance as soon as possible,


TEL: +1 9406031354
TEL: +1 (940) 448-0049 available to receive SMS ONLY

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