Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mhamed Audu

Originating IP:, STARCOMMS-20081218, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
From: Mhamed Audu - mhamed.audu@yahoo.com


This massage might come to you as a surprise, but you do not need to be.
We Undp.org have been watching over all your transaction in trying to claim your
Outstanding contract funds, still you could not, reason, because you are
Still dealing with the same set of scammers, impostors that believe in
Diverting your outstanding funds.

Undp tell you this today; we have recovered your outstanding contract funds,
If you like keep dealing with this people, you will never get paid, unmovic is
giving you this informations, because we know you must have gone through a lot to see That your funds are rightly transferred into your account, but this same
People you are dealing with, refuse to let you know the actual truth about
These funds.

We will not disclose any orders further information, until you respond to This massage, as soon as We hear from you, We will direct you on how you can futher communication with Undp Recovery.Org.
For better understanding,visit.

+97 1 505 342 974
Best Regnds
Mhamed Audu

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