Friday, July 15, 2011

Dr.Alex Forson (CEO) Forson Chemical Company Limited (Black Money Scam)

Originating IP:, Ghana Telecom ADSL DYNAMIC ADDRESS EXPANDED POOL2, Ghana Telecommunications Ltd., Accra North, Ghana
Subject: Re: BE ADVISED
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2011 13:55:13


This is in receipt to your mail.

If you are talking about the coated black funds in the house of the Inspector General of Police of the republic of Ghana.Then you shouldn't be asking me about the true existance of the funds as I was told my the IGP that the money belong to his foreign business partner and he wants me to clean the funds.He even gave me your name when I came over to his house to inspect the coated funds.I presume you are the beneficiary of the funds in his house.My duty is to clean the coated funds and transfer it to your designated Bank account in your country.You will have to send the following:

1.Your account information where the funds will be transferred into after cleansing
2.The half sum of US$3,250 and the balance of US$$3,250 will be paid immediately after the conclusion of my job.

The fee should be sent via Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram through the name of my secretary as below:

You will have to send the scanned copy of the payment receipt from the Western Union or Money Gram to this email address so that we can receive your fee for swift processing.

It will take 2working days to conclude cleaning of the total coated funds of US$32Million and thereafter transferred into your account.

Yours Faithfully,
Dr.Alex Forson (CEO)
Forson Chemical Company Limited
+233-303403273 / +233 303403273
(406) 205-0323

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