Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mel Alatine / George Brumley / Bank Of Africa

Originating IP:, ONDT1-20080103, POOL ADSL ONATEL, Burkina Faso (frequent scammer)
From Mel Alatine Tue May 17 11:02:09 2011
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 04:02:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mel Alatine melalatine@yahoo.com
Subject: Details Information About This Transaction

Dear friend,

Thanks you very much for your quik respond to my business proposal. I want to reassured you that this transaction is 100% risk free transaction , For what i need from you is to be following my instructions until these money transfered into your bank account.

The name of the deceased customer is Dr George Brumley.

He is from Atlanta, America.

I want you to understand that this transaction is legimate because there s no ploblem n this transaction , I have made all the necesary ararngements and have finished my under ground work for the successfull of this transaction before contacted you.

Why this money is in the Bank Of Africa is because the deceased man was living here in Burkina Faso with his entire family before he died, the bank will accept you as the nearest person because the bank knew that the next of kin to this money can come from any part of the world, I have traveled spent money and time to investgate all about this transaction and i found out that there is no relationship to this money to claim this money , for all his relation died along with him in the plane crash, I have made all the necessary arrangement and have finished my underground work for succesful of this transaction befotre contacted you. why i contacted you as foreign partner to come and help me in this transaction is because a burkinabe can not stand as the next of kin to this money if not a foreigner because the deceased man is a foreigner. so there is no problem in this transaction for everything have well arranged by me before contacted you.

Now, for us to successfully commence this business I will like to know you better to enable me trust you 100%. The need for trust in this transaction is due to the large sum involved as you are entiled to 35% from the total sum and as such I will like you to provide me with a brief resume of yourself. Once I have had this response from you, I will feel a lot safer to divulge vital aspects of this transaction to you and provide you with all the needed information which would enable us commence this business transaction immediately.

I advise you follow necessary instructions/guidelines for us to move diligently and swiftly.I am aged 57, have two sons aged 28 and 25, who are married and don't live with me and a daughter aged 20. Please i would like you to keep this transaction as a top secret .

For now I need you to urgently provide the information below:

Your Full Name.......................
Your House Address...................
Your mobile telephone ....................
Your Age........................... ....
Your Occupation.................... .....
Marital Status........................ ..
Your Country....................... .....

Let me use this opportunity to assure you that this business is 100% safe and risk free, being a success in all its ramifications. This is and always will be my utmost guarantee to you. It will take us only 10 to 14 bank working days to complete this transaction starting from the day the bank receive your application letter which i will give you in my next mail.

This transaction will cost us a little expenses which both us will join hands together and take care of, Once I get a response from you, I will then go ahead and furnish you with all the basic information which will enable us to commence ASAP!!!

Best Regards,
Mel Alatine
+226 79 16 64 31 / +226 79166431

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