Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kevin Kerkula

Originating IP:, Ghana Telecom ADSL DYNAMIC ADDRESS EXPANDED POOL2, Scammer Hum
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 23:46:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kelvin Kerkula


As the situation may be, I am contacting you about a need I have and I believe you are well able to help me after my severe and fervent prayer for God to link me up with some one who will be capable of helping me out from Ghana as my foreign beneficiary. It all depends on our trusting each other but I've chosen to contact you prayerfully and believing that you are the person that can help me. I am Mr. Kelvin by name 31yrs of age; I became an orphan some couple of years ago.

The source of my parent’s death was believed to be from our detractors who are never happy that he was making so much progress. The issue is that my parents are diamond merchants in my country Liberia and they made too much money from the business, that prompted the government of Liberia to probe them.

For this reasons, during the crisis in Liberia, our home was among the first target by the Liberian rebels. They allegedly said that, my late parents have a close relationship with former president of Liberia (President Charles Taylor) that was their reason of storming our home. My mother died immediately they storm our resident and my father sustained serious bruises that he could not survive while in the hospital. I and my younger sister managed to escape during the incident. As i am talking to you now, i and my younger sister are staying in Ghana for some obvious reasons that i will like to relay to you on your response to this message.

This is a confidential matter i will like to discuss with someone whom my spirits accepted to deal with. Because after my parents exit, the government of Liberia have taken over all of our belongings. They have also emptied my parents bank accounts left alone with a deposit my father made in a nearby country called Ghana during his trade to Ghana. No one knows of this deposit, it is only me as the next of kin. And my father had earlier warned me not to disclose this issue to anyone before he died in the hospital after the incident that cause his death. Today I and my younger sister fend for ourselves here in Ghana.

And life has been very difficult since the government of Ghana started their deportation exercise which says that we refugees should evacuate their Bujumbura refugee camp to our various countries. Please my dear beloved, our plans now are to relocate from Ghana since we can not afford to go back to Liberia following our past experience as they killed our parents, but we will need to move out the fund left by my late father here in Ghana

please according to my late father's lawyer all we need now before these boxes can leave Ghana to your country is your full contact information so as to enable the lawyer work out the papers that will back up the shipment to your location. Please i believe my lawyer will explain more to you as soon as you come in contact with him.

Once you agree to help us move this fund, we will link you up with our late father's lawyer who help us in securing all the necessary documents for the shipment. As soon as we agree, we will come to your country where I and my sister will invest the money under your guide. So please let me know what will be your compensation or percentage for helping me and my sister out.

Sir in the attached files, you will see a photograph picture which my late father took me before his trip to Ghana as a proof. Please the lawyer have not seen this picture as my father warned me not to disclose the content of the boxes to anyone accept to some one whom i have chosen to be my foreign beneficiary.

Please NOTE: that the earlier you help me the better as you will be doing Almighty God a great favor because our lives are no more safe with these people over here. I will need your reply stating your readiness to help in seeing this through. My lawyer will contact you when as soon as I hear from you with your contact info, so we can discuss further arrangement on this transaction.I wait for your favorable reply and please feel free if you have any question to ask.

At the moment i and my sister are in nearby country Cotonou Benin republic
waiting to get your reply.

Thanks and be bless

Kelvin and sister.

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