Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dr. Jaiye Ebinisi / Foreign payment Committee

From: "Jaiye Ebinisi"
Subject: Re: Telegraphic Wire Transfer Of USD1.5M:
Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 22:17:43 -0700

From Rev. Dr. Jaiye Ebinisi
Director, Foreign payment Committee.
My telephone : +234-802-800-6670

Attn: Sir :

Re: Telegraphic Wire Transfer Of USD1.5M:

I acknowledge the receipt of your mail as well as its content regarding Mr. Jerry Richard impersonation over the claiming of your USD1.5m payment.

I am Rev. Dr. Jaiye Ebinisi, the CBN foreign payment officer in charge of your USD1.5M payment file with ref#3532-0021.

The foreign payment committee is charged with the responsibility of finding, reconciling and releasing of all due payments (Lottery winning, contract payments and Inheritance funds) belonging to foreign/local beneficiaries.
During our reconciliation review, some unpaid inheritance payment files belonging to foreign beneficiaries was traced successfully and yours was also traced with a credit payment of USD1.5M.

After the approval of your USD1.5M payment file, the foreign payment committee sent you series of messages through our accredited officer for the claiming of your payment but to no avail, your payment file was return to the verification unit and during our re-verification of your payment file as unclaimed payment, a man in the name of Mr. Jerry Richard from the USA wrote to my office demanding for a change of your USD1.5M payment information.

Mr. Jerry Richard stated as follows:

(1) That his application to change your USD1.5M payment information was authorized by you.

(2) He also state that the approved USD1.5M inheritance fund be remitted into his new account no: 451-2789584, routing no.122000247 of Wells Fargo Bank United States of America.

Mr. Jerry Richard also told us that he is your business associate and that you appointed him to claim the said inheritance on your behalf, He also said that you were very sick and cannot continue the processing of your USD1.5M inheritance payment and that we should process the complete payment to his bank account with Wells Fargo Bank in USA.

The foreign payment committees were in the process of releasing the said USD1.5M as directed by Mr. Jerry Richard before we received your confirmatory email which proved that you are not sick as stated by Mr. Jerry Richard and did not permit him to change your payment information on your behalf.

Your USD1.5M payment file will be channeled to our correspondence bank in the United Kingdom (Northern Chartered Bank UK), it will be channeled to our correspondence bank (Northern chartered bank) for easy and quick payment to you, as the Northern chartered Banking network is very strong and good, with easy online wire transfer services.

Your USD1.5M payment will be wired direct to your bank account through Northern Chartered Bank Online banking within 24hours after clearance of your USD1.5m payment by the Northern Chartered Bank in London in accordance with applicable U.K. banking laws.You will be required to open an online non residential bank account with the Northern Chartered Bank in London.

It is important to let you know that you will be transferring your USD1.5M payment from the Northern Chartered online banking system to any of your local account in your country where you will physically go and make a physical withdraw of your USD1.5m, this means that you shall be withdrawing/transferring the funds via their online banking system right in your home or office computer without traveling or sending anybody to do that for you, this is to avoid any further third party interferance like that of Mr. Jerry Richard. You will only log on to your account, then make withdraw or transfer from your Northern chartered online banking account to your local account in your country.

In view of the above, You are to forward your complete data information for the remittance of your payment, you are to reconfirm your full names , home/office address , Age , Marital status , direct telephone# , previous or present occupation and any form of identification for processing of your USD1.5M payment to you and also your bank account information where you want the USD1.5m to be credited.

Finally, if the above payment instructions is acceptable by you, then get back to me with the above requested information's to enable us forward your information's & payment file to the paying bank (Northern chartered bank in London) for immediate transfer.

Call me on telephone number: +234-802-800-6670 as soon as you confirms this message.

Yours faithfully,

Rev. Dr. Jaiye Ebinisi.
Director, Foreign payment Committee.
My telephone : +234-802-800-6670

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