Wednesday, May 25, 2011

John Slim

Dear Beloved,

I thank you for your response.,before proceeding to explain some point And reasons to you. Could you be kind enough to share more information? You know that I don't know you, but I have been directed to do this by God, as I may be filled with reservation, curiosity, skepticism doubts, asking why I have decided to trust you with this huge task. I am 57 and was diagnosed with cancer about 2 years ago, immediately after the death of my Wife, who had left me everything she worked for. While my late wife {Mrs. DANIELLA Slim} was from London who held different positions in the Top OIL Company in Kuwait before her death. I have been touched By God during a prayer and fasting session for the Great Lord to heal me of my ailments and directed by God to donate from what I have inherited from my late wife for the good work of God, rather than to be used for an ungodly PURPOSE. But after much prayer, searching through your country listing I have asked God Almighty to direct me to a honest AND TRUSTWORTHY person that will use this Fund righteously to reach the needy BECAUSE I USED a contact from New Zealand LAST MONTH TO FULFILL THIS DREAM, but THEY disappeared with SOME OF the FUND.

For the word of God says, "What shall it profit a man TO gain the whole world, and loss his soul". I have decided to WILL/donate the sum of $4,000.000.00USD (Four million United States dollars) to you AS to use FOR the good work of the lord,HELP the motherless,less privileged and the widows.Please share more with me. I am currently in the house, In as much as God is my life now, I desire to have some other ways to make sure that I am dealing with the right person.

Let me share more on why funds are decided to be delivered to you through Diplomat Immunity. The government of this Country got involved when the contact I used from New Zealand disappeared with some of the funds and since then warned that I use the diplomat since it has to be meeting recipient in person, hand funds over to you after seeing your photo id. You will have nothing to worry about since the diplomat is also authorised to go to your bank for deposition of funds.

The UK diplomatic department requires that I obtain legal certified paperwork stating that I am willing the gift funds to you. I will send my wife confidential advisor with my lawyer to the municipal on tomorrow to have the Deed of Living Will Certificates processed and copies will be forwarded to you. From what I am being counseled on, I think the diplomatic is safe for both of us considering that we need
to know each other one way or the other. In am open for suggestion but after my careful consideration, I chose that delivering gift funds by a diplomat will best serve us. I am trusting you with my life and believing you that you will never let me down or my wishes down. I will be waiting for your urgent reply with Your full name, Contact house address,Direct phone number.

I will wait your reply
God bless you
John Slim
+44-7045-7428-30 /+44 704 5742830

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