Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ben Bah / Burkina Faso

X-Originating-IP: [] Onatel, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (Known Scammer)
From: ben ali
Subject: MORE DETAILS FROM BEN BAH CALL ME ON + 226 76 45 79 49
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 18:19:54 +0000


Based on your email, However after going through your mail , i have made up my mind to do this business with you and you should know that this is not a joke but real.. I am a staff of the same bank , where this claim is (B.O.A) Bank Of Africa . I am in charge of making this payment of claim to all applicants of next of kin at our bank (B.O.A ) i am also among member of the board of payment committee .

Frankly speaking , i have been following up with the file of the deceased for the past Eight years (8 years )and have seen that it is 100% possible for me to use my seat / office at my place of work (B.O.A) to claim this money through the cooperation of a foreign partner since i cannot come out openly for the claim because i am a staff of the same bank.

Actually , i have the possibility of filing your name as the next of kin to the deceased as to enable the claim . This becomes 100% possible since the deceased did not / failed to fill the space of his next of kin with any name before and after his death , this and more gives room for me to fill the space with your own name as the next of kin to the deceased since we both have the same interest / goal . According to the bank payment code of 1970 , amended in 1997 , section 24 , paragraph 6 stated that any payment of claim which is not concluded for a period of nine years (9yrs ) , the total amount will be called back into the bank reserve account as unclaimed money and the beneficiary will automatically loose the money .

Since it is only remaining few weeks for this claim to end , i don't want this huge amount to be called into the bank reserve account as unclaimed money since i can divert the fund into your account with the cooperation of both parties . This is why i decided in contacting you immediately i came across your e-mail address during the process of my navigation . l guarantee you 100% risk free of this claim since the deceased died a long side with all his immediate family leaving no one for the claim . this is our life time opportunity . In view of the above , it becomes very necessary that i corporate with a foreign partner for the claim since i cannot come out openly for the claim personally . and as the need be , i decided to fast and pray , asking God for a helper , the person / foreign partner that can corporate with me for the claim .

Immediately and after my fasting and praying for seven days , during the process of navigation at internet , i can across your e-mail address which just appeared on the computer , based from the fact that i have been asking god of the same i decided in contacting as to explain my problem / need to you as to see if you will be willing to come in as my partner for the claim before i receive your letter of acceptance .

Please don't be afraid , as a staffs of the same bank i guarantee you that all arrangement for the smooth claim of this money has been finalized locally here in Burkina Faso before even contacting you . I am from Burkina-faso in West Africa, Meanwhile , the best and only way you can work with me is to follow all my instruction very carefully .

You should try to call me on my private telephone number +226 76 45 79 49.or you give me your private number. After our discussion, i am going to send to you the text of application on how to apply and all the necessary informations you need to know.The bank on the receipt of your application of claim as the next of kin to the deceased will forward you with the bank official questionnaire , this official questionnaire contains all question relating to the deceased this questions will be drawn from his file which is with the bank ..

Immediately the bank forwards you with their official questions. You should not fail to send the same questions to me as to enable me pick out the correct answers from the deceased personal file which is with the bank as this will enable you answer all the questions very correctly since your ability to answer the bank official questionnaire guarantees/ confirm you as the original next of kin to the deceased.

Immediately we are able to answer all the bank questions very correct the board of payment will forward you with an acceptance letter , accepting your claim as the next of kin and immediately you sign the originals of your fund release order form , payment will be effected into any nominated bank account of our choice (T/T transfer ) within 48hrs .

Please , i am very serious , i know it may sound like a joke to you but it is real as a trial may convince you . it is a life time opportunity that just called , i decided to trust you since the need be and trust is the only root to any international business and i believe you will not fail me . Immediately and after we Might have receive this money , we are going to bring out all related documents of claim so that there will be no trace of claim .

You should also know that all the necessary Legal documents will be obtain from the various ministry of health and high court of justice to back up the fund from been question by any Government or Enforcement Agent, that means the transaction is Legal and risk free.

Best Regard
Ben Bah
+226 76 45 79 49 / +226 76457949

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