Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brian Casey / London

Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 14:50:42 +0100
Subject: More Details..Please Reply Here.
From: Brian Casey

Dear xxxxxxxxx

Thanks for your response to my email. Let me first introduce my self to you Am Brian Casey am an Attorney I reside at #209 Manchester Street, London United Kingdom.My age 52 years my cell phone number is +447024052731.

Regarding the inheritance i want you to handle for me i want you to understand that the said funds belong to my late client Richard Gordon who was an America citizen in my country who work as an oil independent before he died, I have all the relevant documents to back up this claim in your favor before the fund leaves to your country.

You do not have to worry that you are not related to this client as an Attorney i will perfect all the paper work before the funds leave for your country.

I know you dont know me but am putting my trust in you. All expenses regarding this project will be cover by me here in my country,You are not sending me any money.

I will appriciate if you can send me the following..

1.Full Name..
3.Telephone number/fax number..
5.Current address.

The money is originating from United Kingdom, you will never regret assisting me. All i need from you is your trust and honesty. Has it stand you have 40% to yourself for your assistance and the other 50% is for me, then 10% for Charity works.

l really appreciate your effort to assist me i want you to be rest assured that you don't have anything to loss at the end of the project i assure you that from the bottom of my heart. l want you to understand that this fund in question are with a SECURITY FINANCE COMPANY all document will be submitted to the shipment company as
regards this consignment and as soon as everything is arrange the shipment will be made to your country.

As a matter of fact let me know which of the 2 option is suitable for you.

Option A......

You are free to come down and make arrangement your self and go with the consignment to your country without delay before coming to join you over in your country. This is because i want you to see thing for your self and this will bring the true picture of this project to you.

Option B.

If you cannot come i will discusse with the Finance company to make the shipment of the consignment to your country through a diplomatic means and the consignment will be deliver to you at your door step. All cost here in my country related to the shipment of the consignment will be pay by me, before i will come over to join you in your country because as soon as the consignment is deliver to you i will join you with out delay for further investment in your country with my share of
the money.

You have to Let me know the option you prefer.

Please i want you to understand that the said amount in the consignment is $10.5 million dollars as i earlier told you the Finance company is not aware that the consignment contain money at the time my late client deposited the consignment with them it was only TAG FAMILY VALUABLE please take note of this.Because all arrangement will be made by the finance company to ship to your door step.

Please note that you don't have any problem as far as this project is concern because all the required document will be submitted to the finance company. i want you to understand that i still maintain that this project is 100% risk free and 100% legal once you are ready to work with me.

The fund will be coming to your country through a diplomatic means by the Finance company. please note that as soon as the shipment is made i will come over to your country to join you.And the diplomat will deliver to you at your door step. please i don't want you to denied the trust i have in you or betray me when this fund get into your country and denied me of my share.

Once again i appreciate all your assistance so far. l wait to hear from you please do all you can to give me a call on my direct number +447024052731 as soon as you read this mail. I will be expecting to hear from you through email and also waiting for your call.

Remain blessed,
Brian Casey

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