Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maria Carreiro / Fake Scam Fraud

From: Maria Carreiro.

she asked that i have posted a demand bank draft of $5 million waith your name on it, to Canadian Embassy high commission in India, i can not send the bank draft direct to your address because it's an international bank draft and you can not cash it without the approval of the Government , the Canadian Embassy high commission will approve it with the India Central Bank before it can be
deposited into your local bank account, they will help you to finalize the bank draft and deposit it directly into your account.I have already intimated our Canada High Commission in your country (INDIA) About this issue and also fax all relevant information and documents to the commission

and in this regard The Commission Mr. Stewart Beck. Will be contacting you as soon as possible through email and telephone, Please be inform that the High Commission of Canada in your country
is responsible for all aspect of the relationship between Canada and India.
In my previous mail, I stated that you should use 80%organizations that stands for the needy, less privilege, orphans charity homes and more and keep the remaining 20% for yourself, i trusted you, please do not disappoint me.

Mrs. Ana maria Hernández from South American, Mr. Thomas Richard from African and Dr. Harry Peterson from Europe has already receive there bank draft of $5 Million each,
i also tell them to keep 20% for them self and use the balance 80% for less privilege, orphans and charity home in there Country, and they do as i told them, they did not disappoint me, you are the last person, please use the money as i told you and do not disappoint me.

I advice you to follow there instruction to avoid delay. The high commission Mr. Steward Beck will call you and interview you on how you got this $5 Million, tell him 
that you receive it from me (Mrs. Maria Carreiro) for charity work, the Canadian Embassy will approve your demand bank draft from Minister of Finance and deposit the $5 Million into your bank account, if you want to receive your money within the next 24 hours, i advice you to send the Canadian Embassy high commission an email with the contact below, and

they will attend to your email immediately, you can forward this mail to him along side with your bank details so that he can deposit in your bank account immediately,Mr. Stewart Beck, might be very busy in his office because of his position in your country, he is always busy, i will advice 
you to quickly send email to him for quick respond, just forward this mail to him and he will understand and proceed further, 

(NOTE) presently i am united kingdom,for an inspection/regulation of an official projects,regarding to orphanage homes,less privilege. etc. i will be coming to India for an inspection as well.
kindly work with my official instructions and order.
Please Call me on my mobile +447014212697(UK)
Contact Address
Contact; Mr. Stewart Beck
Personal Email:
India Telephone: +91 8447129382
Fax: 91 (11) 4278-2050-High Commission of Canada, 
Phone 011 4278 1000 Office Address 7/8 Shantipath,
Chanakyapuri New Delhi 116 021

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